• public relations agency

    PR, Social Media, and Influencer Marketing: What’s the Difference?

    A public relations agency generally offers at least three services: PR, social media, and influencer marketing. Between the three categories, it can be hard for a business owner to discern the differences. While each tactic has its benefits, understanding what they do and the kind of ROI they can bring…

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  • boutique PR agency

    What is a Boutique PR Agency?

    As you take your business to the next level and decide to hire a PR firm, it can seem overwhelming to decide what you want. People often pick the biggest name when choosing a company and are overlooking the opportunity to hire a boutique PR agency. PR agencies range in…

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  • Aspiring Women Who Inspire: Nathalie Basha

    We’re so excited to introduce you to this week’s Aspiring Women Who Inspire, Nathalie Basha. Nathalie is a senior journalist and producer from Los Angeles, expertly tapping into the evolving world of digital multi-media. A worldwide traveler and inspiring storyteller, she produces, films, writes, edits, and reports her content. Please…

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  • social media agencies in los angeles

    Social Media Planning Tools We Can’t Live Without

    Social media is a powerful tool in the success of most businesses in today’s market. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are useful for brands to connect with audiences, showcase their products, and increase brand awareness. However, effectively managing a social media channel can be a challenge. For a successful…

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  • Jamie Feldman

    Meet the Media: Jamie Feldman, Fashion & Lifestyle Reporter at HuffPost

    Photo Credit:  James Cave   This week on Meet the Media, we are so pleased to introduce Jamie Feldman, fashion and lifestyle reporter at HuffPost. Jamie started her career in journalism as a successful fashion blogger, launching The Real Girl Project in 2012. From there, she secured a position with HuffPost in…

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  • public relations firm

    How to Successfully Cold Pitch to Media

    Cold pitching to media outlets is a way for public relations firms to connect their clients to a multitude of relevant journalists, editors, and reporters. The goal of the pitch is to grab the attention of the desired contact and secure a press placement. Here at BLND, we’ve cultivated the…

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  • social media agency

    Social Media 101: What is Social Listening?

    Social media can be a powerful PR and marketing tool, but only if used right. Most brands have a social media presence but fail to utilize the collected audience data to their advantage. One of the best ways to increase brand likeness, loyalty, and grow market share is by engaging…

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  • influencer marketing

    How to Choose The Best Influencers for Your Brand

    By 2022, influencer marketing is set to be a 15 billion dollar industry. This means that influencers have a lot of power over the make or break a brand. Influencer marketing allows a brand to select an influencer to promote their product in a partnership, reaching a new audience and…

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  • Kelsey Robinson

    Aspiring Women Who Inspire: Kelsey Robinson, Olympic Volleyball Player

    On this week’s Aspiring Women Who Inspire, we are so excited to introduce Olympic Volleyball player and World Champion Kelsey Robinson. While playing women’s volleyball in college at the University of Tennessee and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kelsey was part of the USA national team that won the 2014 World…

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  • working from home

    Best Communication Tools for Working From Home

    For now, working from home has become the new normal for your team and employees. The challenge that we all face when working from home is how to keep everyone connected, on task, and on the same page. Especially in this time of crisis, it is important for your team…

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