Reputation Management 101

Our business world is competitive. But one thing that can help your brand stand out amongst the rest is an exceptional reputation. Consumers do their research — they compare brands and products, largely by reading reviews and gaging social media activity. Thus, it is important for companies to earn a distinguishable reputation to increase customer […]

How Important is a Brand Mascot?

From Mickey Mouse and Mr. Clean to Ronald McDonald and the talking M&Ms, brands are able to make themselves memorable through mascots. You can’t say you don’t know what brands are being represented when you see Mr. Clean on a commercial or Ronald McDonald on a billboard. Brand mascots are what make certain brands iconic […]

5 Ways A Public Relations Firm Can Help Your Business

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Most of us know that public relations is necessary for business success. However, many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to understand exactly why. Public relations is the way in which a company interacts and builds relationships with its publics. Without effective PR, a businesses’ marketing, customer service, and other efforts could be deemed pointless. Plus, […]

How to Effectively Use Instagram Highlights

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Today, it’s no secret that being Instagram savvy is crucial to your brand’s success. Your team needs to stay on top of the latest social media tactics that can accelerate sales and grow your audience. Instagram highlights have become one of the leading social media tactics used in digital marketing to categorize and showcase what […]

FAQ’s: Working in Beauty Public Relations

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Today, there are millions of beauty-based brands flooding the market. Beauty public relations firms are met with the challenge of how to make their clients stand out above the rest. The beauty industry is fast-paced, so keeping the attention of the public is one of the biggest difficulties. However, as a beauty PR manager, the […]

Instagram Reels: What Are They And How Should You Use Them?

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Watch out, TikTok. From our favorite celebs to top influencer accounts, we’ve been seeing Instagram Reels everywhere since they launched in August. As a social media agency, we’re always on the lookout for new creation tools, and this one has certainly caught our eye. At the same, we understand that learning new tools like this […]

How Public Relations Has Changed in 2020

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The turn of the decade has brought on more challenges than any of us could have imagined. The Coronavirus pandemic affected all of our lives, in tragic and devastating ways. As our world has shifted into an entirely new headspace, we have all been forced to reconsider how we manage our daily lives, navigate our […]

Aspiring Women Who Inspire: Ashlyn Rowland

In this month’s Aspiring Women Who Inspire, we meet young entrepreneur Ashlyn Rowland. It’s evident she throws her heart, soul, and pretty much all of her time into her beautiful candle brand, Bare Candle Company. Please welcome Ashlyn to the blog!   Introduce yourself. I am Ashlyn Rowland. An almost 20-year-old candle entrepreneur, college student, and pure […]

Online Tools To Make Working From Home Easier

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For many of us, working from home has become the new norm. While remote work may be convenient and nice at times, it also presents us with a number of new obstacles. Staying connected, on task and motivated have become increasingly difficult as we continue to work from home. However, with many of us unsure […]

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be Doing Podcasts

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While you may not be a die-hard podcast lover, chances are you’ve probably still listened to one at some point, or at least know what they are. From girl talk to true crime to sports, we’re seeing podcasts everywhere–and we’re not mad about it. Here at BLND, we’re always on the lookout for new public […]