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    Top PR firms in Los Angeles

    When it comes to finding the top PR firms in Los Angeles, there are hundreds of options to choose from. However, narrowing down the top PR firms in Los Angeles and differentiating their services can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. To help make this process a little easier, we’ve put…

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    How to Establish (or Re-Establish) Your Brand Values

    With all that has been going on in our community, the need for businesses to clearly establish their values to the public has become more important than ever. Your brand values are the beliefs that you as a company stand for, fight for, and practice. Typically, they are one of…

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  • Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

    Customer service is the helpful communication between a customer and a company that keeps the customer engaged and loyal. Before the age of social media, it usually meant long phone calls or in-person meetings. Today, however, social media is a powerful tool in the customer service industry. Social media has…

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  • The Return of PR Events: How to Prepare for 2021

    The world had drastically changed this last year. Companies have adapted to working from home, and many have had to cancel significant events to stop the spread of coronavirus. While a substantial online presence can sometimes make up for lack of in-person promotional events, eventually, we will rejoin the world…

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    How to Use YouTube as a PR Tactic

    Since YouTube was founded in 2005, it has changed the way that we consume content forever. It’s capabilities changed the marketing game, making it so much easier for brands to capture the attention of new audiences. Communicating through this visual and audio medium can increase the visibility and awareness of…

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  • How to Keep Your Business Thriving Online

    The novel coronavirus and recommendations by the CDC have disrupted the lives of people nationally. Non-essential businesses, including brick and mortar stores, were forced to shut their doors to limit the spread of the disease. As a result, businesses were tasked to come up with creative ways to keep up…

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    PR, Social Media, and Influencer Marketing: What’s the Difference?

    A public relations agency generally offers at least three services: PR, social media, and influencer marketing. Between the three categories, it can be hard for a business owner to discern the differences. While each tactic has its benefits, understanding what they do and the kind of ROI they can bring…

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  • boutique PR agency

    What is a Boutique PR Agency?

    As you take your business to the next level and decide to hire a PR firm, it can seem overwhelming to decide what you want. People often pick the biggest name when choosing a company and are overlooking the opportunity to hire a boutique PR agency. PR agencies range in…

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  • Aspiring Women Who Inspire: Nathalie Basha

    We’re so excited to introduce you to this week’s Aspiring Women Who Inspire, Nathalie Basha. Nathalie is a senior journalist and producer from Los Angeles, expertly tapping into the evolving world of digital multi-media. A worldwide traveler and inspiring storyteller, she produces, films, writes, edits, and reports her content. Please…

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    Social Media Planning Tools We Can’t Live Without

    Social media is a powerful tool in the success of most businesses in today’s market. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are useful for brands to connect with audiences, showcase their products, and increase brand awareness. However, effectively managing a social media channel can be a challenge. For a successful…

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