4 Common Copywriting Mistakes Seen By a Public Relations Agency

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If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably also a copywriter, marketer, and your own public relations agency. Writing your own newsletters, blogs, and social media captions may seem like an easy task at first, but make sure you’re avoiding these common copywriting mistakes. Not Having Someone Proofread It can be extremely helpful to have […]

What is BeReal? A Social Media Agency Explains

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By now you’ve probably heard at least one (if not more) Gen Zers mention the BeReal app. If you still aren’t sure what exactly it is or why you should care, allow us to step in and help. As a small business owner, you are probably acting as your own social media agency. And if […]

Sneak Peek at Our New Office!

We are back in BLND PR’s hometown of Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County, California! In 2014, BLND was born out of a 200 sq/ft space in Hermosa Beach with just one employee on staff. This year, we finished remodeling our brand new luxury public relations space located right across from the sand. This new […]

Create Content That Builds Trust

Content creation is so much more than simply posting pictures on social media. Just as your brand was crafted by an intentional and thoughtful process, the same should be said for your content. As an LA PR firm, we see a ton of easily preventable mistakes when it comes to creating content. It’s important to […]

Seasonal Content Tips for Your Brand

Any good PR strategy includes a flexible content plan that lines up with the time of year. It’s not necessarily just the holiday season that we’re talking about, but any time that could influence your audience’s needs and desires for the type of content they consume.   As a company, providing helpful and valuable content […]

Public Relations Help — Earned vs. Paid Media

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Looking for public relations help? Buckle up and join us on this tutorial of PR basics. One of the fundamental concepts to understand when new to PR is that there are two types of press your company can attain are: earned media and paid media. In this article we’ll talk about the differences between the […]

Public Relations Research Tips You Probably Missed

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One of the most critical phases of public relations is research. Research allows you to understand your client better and follow industry trends that can apply to your team/client. As a boutique public relations agency, we work with various clients from various industries, so it is critical to add research and do it effectively. For […]

What Is Social Listening?

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When PR professionals build on PR objectives for their clients, they depend on the voices of their targeted audiences. As times have shifted and a significant pool of research now depends on the social setting of social media, we PR professionals have also adopted different methods to understand our desired audience for our clients better. […]

Let’s Get Trending: A Social Media Marketing Guide For Video Content

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Content creation is in high demand nowadays. Brands and businesses are in constant need of high-quality images and videos that bring value to their audience and ultimately lead them to their services or products. TikTok brought video content to the forefront and Instagram has followed suit, shifting the platform’s focus to video content as well. […]