• pr internships

    5 Steps To Excel In Public Relations Internships

    PR Internships provide some of the most valuable experience to your skill sets, especially with a public relations internship. If you want to prove yourself extremely worthy to a company who may be looking to hire after the internship is over, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to…

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  • Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm

    What To Look For In A Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm

    A Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm is a dime a dozen in a city that thrives on tourism, is host to the entertainment and tech industry, and prides itself in the health and wellness sector with our green juices, scenic retreats, and active community. But how can you decide what…

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  • social media management

    Why You Need Social Media Management

    Posting a ton of images on your company’s social platforms without any real plan or social media management isn’t exactly the best way to build brand awareness online. Every single thing you post reflects your company’s overall social media footprint (we also beg of you to not buy followers without…

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  • Meet the Team: Paige

    Name: Paige Kraemer Hometown: St. Cloud, Minnesota 3 Words To Describe You: Sarcastic, driven, loving Coffee Style: If calories don’t count, white chocolate mocha. Girl Crush: Jennifer Lawrence What Inspires You: My family & friends Go-To Way To De-stress: Binge watch Chopped and eating something from Manhattan Beach Creamery My…

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  • How To Stay Professional In A Casual Work Environment

    In a boutique PR firm, multiple factors come into play when it comes to professionalism in the office. Having a boutique style firm means working in close proximity with others, which tends to lend itself to being a casual work environment. A boutique PR firm has many advantages. A more…

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  • black friday app

    4 Apps That will Save You this Black Friday

    With Thanksgiving is just around the corner it is time to prepare for the day after – Black Friday. Black Friday can be a totally stressful time for some but it becomes completely worth it when you score an amazing deal. Here are some of the best black friday apps…

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  • restaurant social media

    5 Ways to Utilize Social Media for a Restaurant

    Restaurant social media is massivly important in this age. Whether you’re trying to decide where to make dinner reservations or are about to head to a new place for Sunday brunch, the first thing you do is look up the restaurant on social media to check out their atmosphere and…

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  • aloft hotel

    3 Ways Hotels can Incorporate Bloggers into their PR Plan

    A blogger pr plan can be huge for your brand right now. For many millennials, when they decide to plan a trip, the first thing they do is jump on their favorite blogs to see where those bloggers have stayed and what they did while on their vacation. As a…

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  • Employee Social Media

    Why your Business should Encourage Employee Social Media

    Fact: a company’s social presence is eminent in establishing brand awareness in order to succeed. It’s also no secret that employers turn to social media when vetting potential new employees to get a better sense of who they will be hiring onto the team. Your new employee will be representing…

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  • Snapchat Removes Autoplay

    Snapchat Removes Autoplay In Recent Update

    Story Playlists are now the new thing after Snapchat removes autoplay in recent update. Exciting news — Snapchat has finally addressed one of the biggest complaints from their app users about Story Autoplay. Done are the days of accidentally viewing your crush’s story when you didn’t want to intentionally view it.…

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