• personal instagram

    5 Ways to Brand Your Personal Instagram

    Have you done an audit of your personal instagram lately? In today’s social media crazed world, personal branding via online platforms is essential to your success. Providing a rich and unique visual experience is crucial in promoting authenticity and brand awareness, thus making Instagram the ideal platform to begin branding…

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  • Best Burgers in LA

    Our Top Picks for the Best Burgers in LA

    We think it’s safe to say that burgers are on the top of everyone’s list when it comes to comfort food. Nothing beats a perfectly made burger with a side of fries. While there are a lot of options when deciding on where to eat (especially in LA), we’ve decided…

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  • coedo beer

    5 Places to Find Coedo Beer in LA

    Are you searching everywhere for your Coedo beer but not sure where in this big city to find it? Well look no further – as a Los Angeles Hospitality pr firm we found the 5 spots that sells the Japanese craft beer, Coedo. Coedo offers 5 types of beer with one…

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  • Featured Blogger: Lauren Wells

    Meet Lauren travel & lifestyle blogger and co-founder of Wells and Grace, a content creation and consulting firm. We’ve become addicted to scrolling Lauren’s Instagram feed and reading about your latest adventure. Her trip to Iceland this past summer, trust us will give you serious travel envy and make you add the…

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  • time management

    5 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

    The extra push that you need to reach your fullest potential in the professional world may lie in your ability to manage your time. Time management is not as simple as setting aside some time to complete a task at hand. It embodies all aspects of your life and requires…

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  • Instagram Spots

    Our Top 3 Favorite February Instagram Spots

    Whether you’re an LA native, avid adventurer or building a lifestyle social media brand, we’ve got the best places for you to go to boost that follower list. As a company that strives to promote lifestyle social media accounts, we took it upon ourselves to provide you with our favorite…

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  • super bowl pr

    3 Ways to Take Your Super Bowl Party to the Next Level

    It’s your Super Bowl Party! Whether you’re hosting the party of the year or spending this Sunday relaxing with family, these three additions will make your Super Bowl experience unlike any other.  There’s never a bad time to enjoy great food and great beer, and this Super Bowl Sunday you…

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  • Jessica and Love

    Featured Blogger: Jessica of Jessica and Love

    Meet Jessica from Jessica and Love! Jessica is a Melbourne based, personal style blogger who has created a space where women (and as she mentions ridiciously fabulous men) can go when they have a wardrobe filled with clothes, but simply nothing to wear. A common problem we think we have all…

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  • Meet the Team: Jade

    Name: Jade Rechler Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, New York 3 Words To Describe You: Happy, organized, and FUN Coffee Style: Iced with cream and sugar Girl Crush: Sophia Bush What Inspires You: myself Go-To Way To De-stress: Playing guitar My Perfect Day Is: Sleeping in, brunch with friends, going on…

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  • mens_products

    5 Best Men’s Products to Shape Up Your Man

    Men’s products are often underestimated. It is the worst when you assume that your other half will be properly groomed, dressed for the occasion, and ready to show yourselves off as a power couple – and instead he shows up grungy and not in the cute way. You already know…

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