• shark tank

    How to Get on Shark Tank

      Shark Tank is an ABC reality series with nearly 8 million weekly viewers. Over 40,000 entrepreneurs apply to be on Shark Tank annually to showcase their product or idea in a short 10 minute airtime in hopes of attracting potential investors and gaining popularity. In order to stand out…

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  • Lisa Homsy

    Featured Blogger: Lisa Homsy

    Meet Lisa Homsy! We’ve quickly become obsessed with her Instagram, which captures her amazing adventures around the world. We have to agree – she creates content magic that transports you to the most beautiful places. Read on to learn about her advice for aspiring travel bloggers and her biggest travel…

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  • Email Etiquette

    Tips to Perfecting Your Email Etiquette

    As much as social media platforms are becoming more popular nowadays, email still remains one of the most commonly used professional communication platforms. Follow these tips and tricks to perfect your email etiquette, practice your professionalism, and increase your reply rates. Concise subject lines – The subject line is the deciding…

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  • PR events

    5 Types of PR Events Your Brand Needs

    In our increasingly digital world today, your brand’s public image is more important than ever before. Every company or brand should be actively maintaining their public image in order to build a loyal community around their product or service. Here are 5 types of PR events that your brand or…

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  • Travel Colorfully

    Featured Blogger: Taylor of Travel Colorfully

    We’ve caught the travel bug in the BLND office and can’t wait to start planning those summer trips. Thankfully we’ve discovered Taylor of Travel Colorfully! Her adventures around the world have inspired our own plans and we’re so excited to share her blog today! After accepting a position in Florence…

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  • Marketing Analytics

    Using Marketing Analytics To Measure Performance

    It seems like all social media platforms are expanding into marketing platforms nowadays. As a business, how do you decide which platforms to utilize? More importantly, how do you know which platforms are the most effective marketing tools? Thanks to metrics, we are able to accurately track marketing performance and…

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  • Featured Blogger: Carolyn of My Chic Obsession

    Today we’re excited to be featuring Carolyn from My Chic Obsession! The blog was started for Carolyn to have fun and combine all of her favorite things: blogging, styling, photography, fashion, writing and home projects. With a style that is a mix of classic, casual, chic and simple, My Chic…

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  • instagram advertising

    Instagram Advertising… Does It Work?

    If you have scrolled through Instagram lately, it is hard to miss Kylie Jenner’s posts about FitTea and Khloe Kardashian’s posts about Sugar Bear Hair. When products like these are featured in celebrity social media accounts, we can’t help but wonder if they actually work as well as the Instagram…

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  • Snapchat's search feature

    Everything You Need to Know about Snapchat’s New Search Feature

    Struggling to keep up with constantly changing social media platforms? We know the feeling. As other social media platforms release similar features to Snapchat like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, it seems every day there is a new update. We’ve got you covered with a complete guide to Snapchat’s search…

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  • Hanna Jobes of Based on a Travel Story

    Featured Blogger: Hanna of Based On A Travel Story

    Meet Hanna – the 22 year old travel blogger behind the blog Based on a Travel Story! After a terrible cancer scare she decided to take charge of her life and dropped everything that didn’t make her happy, which resulted in her packing her bags for Europe a few months…

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