PR Development Tips: PR Tactics To Help Better Your Career

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Whether you are deciding to pursue a career in public relations or if you are already working in the field, you should always be looking for ways to feel secure in your career. We believe it is crucial to continue sharpening your PR skills and PR tactics to help you feel confident. As a boutique […]

Is It Time To Stop Using Surveys?

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Surveys are a considerable part of public relations as they are beneficial in several ways. Surveys allow your team to research extensively, grow brand awareness on specific issues/topics, and have reliable data. The truth is, as our publics and even ourselves depend on obtaining information quicker, many no longer have the ability to sit through […]

Best Influencer Collabs Of The Summer From An Influencer Agency

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When you talk about influencer collaborations between brands and influencers, the Summer of 2022 has been an excellent season for them so far! This season, we have seen some long-awaited collaborations finally happen, and we are also seeing some new trends happen because of these collaborations. As an influencer agency, we want to highlight some […]

Public Relations: Expectations vs. Reality

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When entering the public relations world, we are full of expectations, whether we are professionals or clients. Although expectations can be a great source of inspiration, they sometimes can be harmful to both the client and the professional because they might be unattainable. As a LA pr agency, we want to help set the record […]

The DO’S and DON’TS Of Influencer Relations

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Influencer relations campaigns are something several companies are doing at an increasing rate. It is a great way to invest in influencers that are growing fast or already having a well-established relationship with the audience you want to reach. The truth is, when you’re looking to get started on this ongoing trend, it seems like […]

What Is The Best Way To Distribute A Press Release?

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Media relations is one of the significant components of public relations. According to Forbes, public relations practitioners are trying to establish or maintain relationships between organizations and their respected public. To reach these particular publics, you need the help of journalists. Journalists are the bridge between sharing any newsworthy information and the public obtaining that information. A […]

BLND’S Top Picks For Best Social Media Tools

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As we all know, to achieve the best social media presence, you need a little help from some outside tools. The tools can be from managing your social media to editing your content. Whatever the case is, we know that we need the best social media tools to keep us to date on trends. So […]

Why Data and Analytics Should Be In Your Public Relations Strategy

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Public relations strategies have drastically changed throughout the last couple of years. Data and analytics are now becoming the show stealer when sharing our PR strategies with our clients. We have noticed that clients want to know what to the direct number of what to except from the strategy. Whether you are a client or […]

Going Beyond Your Logo: Finding Your Brand Voice

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Images are worth a thousand words. We all have come to love and use this quote. The truth is, this statement is only valid to an extent. When creating your brand, your logo can only do so much of the speaking. It is essential to go beyond your logo and demonstrate your brand voice to […]

BLND PR’s Summer Fashion Recommendations

Summer fashion is coming in hot, just like the weather. It is essential for the latest collections by fashion designers to fit the right summer mood. We know finding the perfect outfit that provides style and comfort for those hot, sunny days might be challenging. As a boutique PR agency, we are very fortunate to […]