• beauty public relations

    Beauty Public Relations: 3 Trending Story Angles for Skincare Brands

    While we love the changing seasons for all the newest beauty trends that spring forward, we also love them for one other reason: an entire new slew of story angles for fashion and beauty. For beauty public relations, we can especially pitch in different ways according to what the season…

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  • LA public relations agency

    Are Press Releases Still Relevant?

    Press releases have been around since the birth of public relations, but these days, many brands are wondering if they are still necessary. With the internet being a tool at our disposal, many view press releases as an outdated and unnecessary practice. However, while they may look a little different,…

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  • social media marketing

    5 Ways To Influence A Purchase With Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is one of the most essential tools for brands to engage with their customers and key influencers in an authentic way. Brands are able to connect directly with their target audience, and share with them what makes their products or services special. However, making a sale by…

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  • boutique public relations agency

    Working From Home – Tips From Our Boutique Public Relations Agency

    We thought it would be only temporary. And yet, here we are. Over one year later, our kitchen tables are still makeshift home offices for many of us. With work from home being a reality for so many, the future of work is uncertain. Do we still need offices for…

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  • When Are Influencer Marketing Services Right For Your Brand?

    With influencer marketing often outperforming brand-created content, promoting your brand through highly trusted social media influencers can help your brand reach a wider target audience and get the credibility it deserves. However, not all brands are ready or right for influencer marketing. Whether you’re looking to grow your following or…

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  • boutique public relations firm

    How To Reach Gen-Z On Social Media

    Typically born between 1998 and 2014, Gen Z has always been fully immersed in technology. Therefore, they are amongst the most tech-savvy and hyperconnected generation. Gen Z lives online just as much as they do offline, and active participation on social media is widespread. According to Pew Research Center, 45…

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  • social media for business

    How To Handle A Crisis On Social Media

    It’s no secret that a good social media platform can do wonders for your business. Going viral is almost synonymous with company expansion, and everybody loves a hilarious corporate tweet. Brands these days, however, must tread the waters of online culture carefully: while the upsides of using social media for…

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  • social media

    How To Host A Successful Instagram Live

    Social distancing measures sparked the rise in popularity for a multitude of activities. Aside from puzzles and baking banana bread, Instagram Live became the unsung hero of quarantine entertainment. With the ability to stream live video from anywhere with the touch of a button, even top broadcast personalities are using…

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  • public relations tips

    Everything You Need to Know About Gift Guides

    Gift guides are all the craze during the holidays, but can actually be used all year round to inspire shoppers and drive traffic to your website and products! As an established tradition in the retail world, however, perfecting a gift guide takes more than just listing products in an article.…

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  • PR Agency

    Tips for Avoiding Burnout When Working From Home

    For over a year now, the majority of us in communications roles have been working from home. Our PR agency is still primarily working remotely, and while working from home can have a lot of benefits (no commute!), it can also lead to higher levels of burnout. Here are some…

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