3 Common Public Relations Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Working at a public relations agency is no small task. Between managing clients’ desires, balancing media requests, and battling oncoming crises, a public relations professional has to be a jack-of-all-trades to get the job done.  However, even the most seasoned public relations expert can make mistakes. Here are the top three most common mistakes we […]

How to Deal With Negative Comments on Social Media

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It’s a sad reality that as social media has grown in popularity, so have the negative comments on various platforms. Whether you’re experiencing some online hate for your brand or know a company that is, negative comments are unfortunately an inevitable part of most online communities. At our social media agency, we have mastered the […]

What is UGC and Why Does Your Brand Need It?

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We’ve all seen it: people sharing pictures of their favorite products on social media seemingly unprovoked or unpaid. But why is this happening? User generated content (or UGC) is defined as any content that is created and posted by unpaid contributors. While UGC has to be organic content, your brand can still help to make […]

AI and Public Relations: What You Need to Know

artificial intelligence

With the rise in AI technology, it is now commonplace to wonder how artificial intelligence will affect some industries. Many assume that in relationship and emotion-based industries, such as public relations, AI is less effective and sometimes altogether not useful. However, consumer AI tools are becoming extremely accurate and accessible, and can be extremely useful […]

Social Media 101: Facebook

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These days, it is almost required that companies utilize some sort of social media in order to best promote their services & engage with a wide range of customers. While Facebook has been around for quite some time, companies are only starting to fully utilize its full array of services to best promote their business. […]

College Grads: How To Land a Job at a Public Relations Agency

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Graduating from college and entering “the real world” is just as exciting as it is daunting. For many, the most anxiety-producing part is the job hunt. For those who want to pursue a career at a public relations agency, you will want to get experience in the field as soon as you can after graduation. […]

Announcing BLND’s New York PR Office!

New York PR

Pack your bags because BLND has expanded to NYC! That’s right, we’ve opened a new office in the Big Apple, and we are ready to take on anything and everything that comes our way. We have been researching the New York PR market for so long, we’re ready to set up shop over there.  Just because […]

Best Online Tools for a Public Relations Agency

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Working in a fast paced environment like a public relations agency can be a difficult task. It can be very hectic and easy to get unorganized at times but we have found some tools to help keep our agency running smoothly. We have listed out our top tools that help make our lives just a […]

Brands That Are Killing It With Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has quickly become one of the best tools brands can use to promote their products and services. Whether they are celebrities, macro-influencers, or micro-influencers, these highly-followed Instagram users have been able to make careers off of promoting brands, and brands are able to partner with these influencers to build their companies. In recent […]

Social Media 101: Best Practices for Twitter

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Twitter has become of the most divisive and controversial social media platforms of our age while still managing to remain light-hearted, accessible, and incredibly addicting. Individuals, brands, non-profits, and corporations alike have utilized this platform to interact with audiences and connect with people from around the globe. Created in 2006, Twitter has established itself as […]