• Fake News

    How Can PR Fight Fake News?

    What is fake news? And why is it becoming more and more common nowadays? Fake news consists of deliberate miscommunication or false information about some topic or individual that is meant to be spread most commonly through online sources such as social media. As our world becomes increasingly digital, fake…

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  • Bianca Coletti

    Featured Entrepreneur: Bianca Coletti

    Today we’re introducing you to Bianca Coletti, the beautiful mind behind Bianca Coletti Swim! Her love of the beach, travel and a wanderlust spirit influence her original designs that have been featured in Sports Illustrated, Elle and more. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Bianca was constantly surrounded by the ocean,…

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  • Why Your Company Needs PR

    4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs PR

    Picture this: You produce the greatest product of all time, at low cost and high quality. You imagine that your product will be flying off of the shelves and headlined on the cover of the New York Times. Your life is set as this moneymaker will continue to reel in…

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  • Building a Successful Media List

    5 Steps to Building a Successful Media List

    We all know that feeling when you write the perfect pitch hoping to gain great media coverage, but never hear back from the reporters that you reach out to. Before you get too excited and send your pitch to everyone in your contacts, be sure to follow these steps for…

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  • Social Girl Traveler

    Featured Blogger: Jen of the Social Girl Traveler

    Meet Jen of The Social Girl Traveler! Jen quit her New York corporate life and decided to grab her backpack and start traveling around the world. Why we love Jen even more is she believes in giving back while she travels, carrying water filters (From Waves For Water) with her…

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  • Snapchat Update

    Everything You Need To Know About The New Snapchat Update

    Another month, another new feature on Snapchat. In March, Snapchat upped its game in search engine optimization by launching its new search feature. This opened up opportunities for both users and marketers as users were able to search for topics ranging from “puppies” to local locations such as “Manhattan Beach”…

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  • eater la

    Our Favorite Features On Eater LA

    If you are still scrolling through Yelp to find a restaurant to eat at, I hate to break it to you but Yelp is so 2010! Eater LA is our new go-to resource to find top rated restaurants, restaurant news, and opening & closing alerts. At first glance, the Eater…

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  • shark tank

    How to Get on Shark Tank

      Shark Tank is an ABC reality series with nearly 8 million weekly viewers. Over 40,000 entrepreneurs apply to be on Shark Tank annually to showcase their product or idea in a short 10 minute airtime in hopes of attracting potential investors and gaining popularity. In order to stand out…

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  • Lisa Homsy

    Featured Blogger: Lisa Homsy

    Meet Lisa Homsy! We’ve quickly become obsessed with her Instagram, which captures her amazing adventures around the world. We have to agree – she creates content magic that transports you to the most beautiful places. Read on to learn about her advice for aspiring travel bloggers and her biggest travel…

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  • Email Etiquette

    Tips to Perfecting Your Email Etiquette

    As much as social media platforms are becoming more popular nowadays, email still remains one of the most commonly used professional communication platforms. Follow these tips and tricks to perfect your email etiquette, practice your professionalism, and increase your reply rates. Concise subject lines – The subject line is the deciding…

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