• Undo Your Mistake

    When life throws mistakes at us and moments of “I should have not done that” sure it can be a learning lesson, but most of the time if you can go back you would change what you have done. Luckily, in the email world, gmail has already thought of that.…

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  • Hustle + Halcyon

    Payton of Hustle + Halcyon

    Every Monday we bring you a featured blogger who inspires us. This week we’re excited to share with you Payton of Hustle + Halcyon! Sharing her inspiration, personal style and so much more, Hustle + Halcyon is a lifestyle blog that is heavily devoted to style & wellness. Like the…

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  • Meet the Interns: Brooke!

    Today, we’d like you to meet Brooke! When she isn’t putting in the time to work as her sorority’s Social Chair and PR Committee or spending time adventuring around the Los Angeles area, she gets right into working with her clients to create new and innovative public relations techniques with…

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  • influencer marketing

    Why Businesses Need Bloggers

    If you’re a business and you’re not thinking of ways of utilizing blogging or influencer marketing, then you’re missing out on huge opportunities. Blogs have become a major source of information on the internet and many people are devoted to following the writings and muses of their favorite bloggers. We…

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  • Goldfish Kiss

    BLND Featured Blogger: Rebekah of Goldfish Kiss

      This week we’re bringing you our favorite blogger on Tuesday! We’re so excited to have Rebekah Steen on the blog today! Rebekah Steen is the creative gal behind the blog Goldfish Kiss. She started the blog in Hawaii, travels back there as much as she can afford to, because she now…

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  • Staying Productive

    Staying Productive During The Summer!

    Schools out for Summer and staying productive can be a challenge! Well, for most people anyway and we’ve got a helpful list for those of you who are going to be continuing your academic careers at your college/university. This list has compiled ten ways to be productive as a student…

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  • productivity apps

    Productivity Apps: Top 5 Apps That Will Make You More Productive

    Be friends with technology and the advantages that can help you become more productive! We came up with the Top 5 Productivity Apps that will help you become organized to help you with all domains in your life! Evernote: Take down notes, create lists, and save your voice recordings! This…

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  • Sally Mustang

    Featured Blogger: Sally of Sally Mustang

      Every Monday we bring you a featured blogger who inspires us. This week we’re excited to share with you Sally Mustang, one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow! Painting and creating whenever she can, teaching yoga most afternoons and styling or modeling whenever the opportunity arrises. She has…

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  • hashtag tips

    Hashtag Tips for Your Special Event

    Nowadays hashtags are becoming the link between businesses and the social atmosphere. Event planners are now utilizing hashtags in their social media platforms to market a much stronger event and to capture comments and moments of that campaign. When hashtags are used properly it can boost your social event. We…

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  • facebook update

    Facebook Update Renovates “Friends” Icons

    Facebook Update? If you’ve recently visited Facebook, you may have noticed the new minor changes added to their logo. The social media giant’s renovation to their logo includes a new logo for the “Friends” and “Groups” icon. Previously, the “Friends” icon consisted of a man with spikey hair with a…

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