• successful-blogger

    How to Be a Successful Blogger

    Remember the days when blogging was a rarity and only the bravest of braves dared to write, expose and express the details of their every day lives?  Those days are long gone and now blogging has become more of a necessity particularly for those in the business industry.   But let’s…

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  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

    Our 10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

    A couple of weeks ago we featured our top 10 gifts for any working woman on our blog.  To be fair (because V-day isn’t always about the women…unfortunately), we’ve put together this list of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man. 1) Truman Set Razor by Harry’s ($15):  This modern company…

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  • Unlayering the Listicle

    The presence of listicles, particularly in relation to PR, is unavoidable. If you’re in pursuit of revamping your PR strategy, or simply out of fresh ways to promote, it’s important to understand just how and why the Listicle has gained such importance in today’s Internet age. Much like a Labradoodle is…

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  • instagram followers

    How to Get More Instagram Followers + Likes

    Everyone wants more instagram followers these days.  The popular photo-sharing application is growing exponentially with more than 300 million users and sky-high user engagement levels.  Whether you’re building your own personal Instagram account or building on behalf of a company,  posting your photos can be done strategically to generate more…

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  • PR Intern

    The Day in the Life of a BLND Intern

    Here at BLND, we are huge advocates of internship programs and have been providing opportunities for young professionals from diverse backgrounds to join our team as a PR intern.  This spring, our intern’s are paving BLND’s way into the new year by surpassing expectations and bringing a whole lotta love…

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  • Personal Branding

    Power of Personal Branding

    With the recent rise of social media, the term “Personal Brand” is something that has been tossed around quite frequently. Today, when we think of a Personal Brand, it is instantaneously linked with the internet— more specifically with social media. Sometimes unintentionally, but mostly in earnest, working on your personal branding has…

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  • 10 Gifts Perfect for Any Business Woman

    Whether it’s a gift from your significant other or simply a gift to splurge on for yourself, these are the top 10 gifts that we would suggest for any working woman: 1) Fluorescent Coral Water Bottle by Bkr ($35): Studies show that drinking eight cups of water a day can…

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  • Networking

    The Perks of Networking

    Network…Network…NETWORK. Isn’t this the buzzword that we’re all so tired of hearing? Well, it shouldn’t be. When done right, networking is the single most powerful marketing tactic that can accelerate and endure success for anyone. And no, we’re not talking about the one brilliant random contact that you never contact.…

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  • Social Media Blunder

    Recovering from a Social Media Blunder

    Social media is burgeoning with success, and we think it’s safe to say; it’s at an all-time high. What started as a platform for social interaction among the young millennial has now become THE voice of the business and marketing world.   It’s become so powerful that one social media blunder could…

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  • Meet the Interns: Mallory

    We are so excited to present one of our hardworking Fall 2015 interns: Mallory Chase! Mallory works as an Account Coordinator at BLND PR and specifically works closely with clients on social media management and media relations. Check out her answers to our survey to learn more about her and…

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