• Using Trello for Social Media Marketing

    Here at BLND as a social media marketing firm in LA our go-to tool for all things social media is Trello. While we do use Trello for several other tasks, we’ve found it one of the best and most effective tools when it comes to keeping organized and consistent for…

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  • snapchat stories

    Accounts that are Killing it on Snapchat

    Who do you think are the best snapchat accounts to follow? Nowadays, it’s all about innovation. Think about it; most ideas have probably been done before. With that said, the room for creativity is endless. As a social media pr firm, we have definitely been studying other brands and companies…

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  • Snapchat Memories

    Snapchat Memories

    Another week means another change in the social media world. While Snapchatting recently, you may have accidentally slid your thumb up and noticed something called Snapchat Memories. Yes, usually these updates are irrelevant to most; however, this update is actually something you probably will want to pay attention to. What…

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  • Blogging Tips: How Blogging Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

    We all know how difficult it can be to show your personality and creativity to potential employers through a resume – there is just not enough space! Instead of trying to cram all of your qualities on a piece of paper, start a blog! Blogging is not only a place…

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  • Tana Gandhi

    Featured Blogger: Tana Gandhi

    Every week we bring you a featured blogger or talent who inspires us. This week we’re so excited to share with you Tana Gandhi!  Tana is a commercial and still-life photographer based in Los Angeles that we discovered on Instagram and became quick fans of. She has a knack for…

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  • red_vines

    3 Habits for Staying Healthy at Work

    Keeping healthy at work is always challenging. Between staying seated at your desk for eight hours and the delicious, often carb-loaded snacks your co-workers share with the office, many workers leave the work day feeling exhausted, weighed down and sluggish. Here are three habits that need to be added to…

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  • instagram scheduler

    Our Favorite Instagram Schedulers

    At this point in the game, social media schedulers are essential. It is very difficult to have a consistent feed, without using scheduling programs for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With loads of options, we tested out a few of the most popular Instagram schedulers by visually planning accounts. While there…

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  • Featured Blogger: Ashley of Dressed to Kill Austin

    Every week we bring you a featured blogger or talent who inspires us. This week we’re so excited to share with you Ashley of  Dressed to Kill Austin! Ashley is a commercial wardrobe stylist, model and fashion blogger who shares her personal style and tips as well as behind the scenes…

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  • social media marketing firms in Los Angeles

    Periscope or Snapchat?

    Numbers don’t lie and the numbers are telling us to use video.  As a social media marketing firms Los Angeles we know that you need to be using video content to enhance your brand. At this point, even Facebook lets you have a video profile picture. The question remains: Which…

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  • forbes_magazine

    10 Books Every Girl Boss Must Read

    Every successful girl boss business woman has reached her career high due to a number of factors: ambition, knowledge and a little bit of luck. You are born with ambition and have no control over luck. However, you have full control over your level of knowledge. As a Manhattan Beach PR…

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