• Make a Good First Impression

    Graphic design is becoming more and more important in our digitally driven world. Images are powerful in grabbing the attention of users and increasing their engagement with your brand across all social media platforms. Just like when people have their first impressions of you based on the way you dress,…

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  • corporate event planning

    Corporate Event Planning

    Corporate event planning requires exceptional planning and organization. If you take the time to learn how to plan corporate events, then you will find that each successive corporate event becomes a bit easier to plan. A corporate or business event is an investment by your company in marketing a product…

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  • Enplug: Growing your small business with live social media feeds

    We just can’t stop talking about Enplug Digital Signage, and neither should you and your small business. This #1 digital signage platform exceeds all expectations to its users around the world. Since Enplug allows businesses to customize a ton of social apps that customers can interact with, it  never fails to create awesome social experiences.…

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  • Featured Blogger: London of London, like the City

    Every Monday we bring you a feature on a talented blogger who inspires us. This week we are excited to feature London from London, Like the City, a young and talented lifestyle blogger from San Diego. Her voice is the perfect mix of young, chic, adventurous and coffee crazed (which we always can relate to).…

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  • pr firms

    What Does a PR Firm Do?

    We’ve all heard the words public relations and PR but what do PR firms do for your business or brand? In the easiest terms possible, public relations is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or organization and the public. PR firms work with those individuals…

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  • Tips for Social Media Marketing

    For some, the holidays are seen as a time to reconnect with family, relax, and enjoy all the festivity. For those in the PR world, it’s important to be on our A-game as many know the Holidays are the highest grossing days of the year for most business. Producing power…

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  • What To Look for in a PR Firm

    Choosing the right PR firm for your business is no easy task. However, it is important keep in mind that great PR is a marathon, not a sprint. A successful Public relations campaign takes time to develop; therefore it is important you choose the right agency that compliments your goals and…

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  • Website Essentials

    The Top 5 Important Website Essentials to Keep in Mind

    One of our specialties is helping our clients design and build their perfect website. Unfortunately, a large price tag often accompanies such a large undertaking and we understand it’s often necessary to create your own. When building your website keep the top 5 important website essentials to keep in mind. Social…

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  • email marketing

    5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

    For a many businesses email marketing is a principal portion of their promotional strategy. This is evident in the vast amount of promotional emails consumers receive on a daily basis. Therefore, many of these emails go unread. Here are 5 tips to make your marketing emails more valuable to consumers.…

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  • apple-pay

    Apple Pay

    On Monday Apple launched its new Apple Pay program, which will replace looking through your wallet for a credit card with simply pulling out your iPhone to pay. To use Apple Pay at the over 220,000 retail locations that will be accepting this form of payment you must be an owner…

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