• press release

    Five Tips for a Perfect Press Release

    On average, journalists will spend less than one minute reading an opened press release. A press release can be the golden ticket to an endless amount of coverage for a company or brand, if done right. But what does it take to be considered newsworthy? We’ve put together a list…

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  • Scheduling Social Media Posts

    Scheduling Posts for Social Media

    Social media is fantastic for a business or personality, you can communicate with customers (and potential customers), interact with other companies and advertise for free! The only down side is that nowadays nobody has any spare time to commit to activities outside of the day to day running of a…

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  • graphic design firm

    Why Your Company Needs a Press Kit

    Today we’re sharing why your company needs a press kit. Just as every company needs a name and a brand, a press kit is right up there with them, especially if you are part of a start-up or small business. A press kit is basically a compact, un-biased, broad overview of your…

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  • Twitter party

    What is a Twitter Party? And Why Your Brand Should Host One

    Have you heard of a Twitter party? Well do you want to be a part of the coolest parties where products are launched, prizes are given away and celebrities actually talk to you? Of course you do! What if at these parties you could also wear sweatpants, drink a cup of tea,…

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  • Must-Have Apps Every Couple Needs for Valentine’s Day

    Take you Valentine’s Day to the next level this year! Each year, loved ones exchange an estimated 180 million cards. But what if there was an easier, more accessible way to express love for sweetheart? There’s an app for that! With the increase of smartphones and mobile app development, there…

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  • Style Cusp

    Featured Blogger: Marissa of Style Cusp

      Every Monday we bring you a feature on a talented blogger who inspires us. This week we are happy to feature Marissa Meade from the fashion blog Style Cusp. This East Coast girl caught our eye with her flawless and classic style and looks and we just can’t get…

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  • Rebranding Your Business

    Steps to Rebranding Your Business

    Change may be intimidating, yet it can be extremely beneficial to rebranding your business. Rebranding your business is a great way for businesses to revamp their image to help them grow stronger. Most importantly, rebranding can set a business apart from other competitors. However, many business owners are skeptical of…

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  • instagram-brands

    Brands We Love on Instagram

    Instagram brands are are favorite to follow these days. Since being introduced in 2010, Instagram has drastically evolved many big name brands’ marketing game. This online mobile photo and video sharing social networking site is home to nearly 90 million monthly active users, which makes it a popular platform for…

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  • pr firm cost

    How Much Does A PR Firm Cost

    How much does a PR Firm Cost? Public Relations doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but when you’re running your own business and you have a laundry list of other things to do, it’s a bit overwhelming to take on the PR side of things as well. A public…

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  • abby sterling

    Abby of The Fab Life of a Natural Diaster

      Every Monday we bring you a feature on a talented blogger who inspires us. This week we are happy to feature Abby Sterling of The Fabulous Life of a Natural Disaster, and an associate editor & social media director of Glitter Guide. Her personal blog offers a refreshing look…

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