• influencer marketing

    Why Influencer Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business

    What is influencer marketing and why is it becoming such a popular option for companies to reach their target audiences? Allow us to break it down for you. Who: All companies, large or small, have been gradually adapting to influencer marketing as social media has become one of the most…

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  • Meet the Team: Stefanie

    Name: Stefanie Blumer  Hometown: Warren, NJ 3 Words To Describe You: open-minded, adventurous, trustworthy Coffee Style: I don’t drink coffee, but Diet Coke does the trick 🙂 Girl Crush: Chrissy Teigen  What Inspires You: seeing people who are happy with their jobs and have worked really hard to get to…

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  • Millennial Social Media Trends

    Millennial Social Media Trends Growing in 2017

    Millennials have all the power – purchasing power, that is. Just last year, they surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest living generation. With this in mind, marketers have been paying close attention to their social media habits. Millennials are attracted to aesthetics – if it looks good, they’ll purchase. A…

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  • Instagram’s New Archive Feature

    What’s Up With Instagram’s New Archive Feature?

    The three social media giants Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook will not stop rolling out new features and updates. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with handy guides to these new updates and reviews about how you should be using them. Check out our latest blog highlighting new Snapchat features…

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  • Is Your LinkedIn Game Strong?

    With the increasing amount of social media platforms available to use nowadays, LinkedIn is probably on the bottom of your list of actively used apps. However, most companies and hiring managers turn to LinkedIn to learn more about their potential employees. Follow these quick steps to refresh and revamp your…

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  • Meet the Team: Lauren

    Name: Lauren Maslauski Hometown: Palos Verdes Estates, CA 3 Words To Describe You: Bubbly, passionate and fun-sized Coffee Style:  iced w/coconut milk Girl Crush: Ellie Goulding What Inspires You: My friends + family Go-To Way To De-stress: Work out or chill out to my detailed Spotify playlists My Perfect Day…

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  • Meet the Team: Belle

    Name: Belle Zhang Hometown: Born in Fremont, CA; Grew up in Shanghai, China 3 Words To Describe You: Bubbly, organized, hard-working Coffee Style: Not so much coffee, but the Mango Passion Iced Green Tea from Java Man is the bomb Girl Crush: Blake Lively What Inspires You: Dream to travel…

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  • Fake News

    How Can PR Fight Fake News?

    What is fake news? And why is it becoming more and more common nowadays? Fake news consists of deliberate miscommunication or false information about some topic or individual that is meant to be spread most commonly through online sources such as social media. As our world becomes increasingly digital, fake…

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  • Bianca Coletti

    Featured Entrepreneur: Bianca Coletti

    Today we’re introducing you to Bianca Coletti, the beautiful mind behind Bianca Coletti Swim! Her love of the beach, travel and a wanderlust spirit influence her original designs that have been featured in Sports Illustrated, Elle and more. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Bianca was constantly surrounded by the ocean,…

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  • Why Your Company Needs PR

    4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs PR

    Picture this: You produce the greatest product of all time, at low cost and high quality. You imagine that your product will be flying off of the shelves and headlined on the cover of the New York Times. Your life is set as this moneymaker will continue to reel in…

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