• social media for business

    How To Handle A Crisis On Social Media

    It’s no secret that a good social media platform can do wonders for your business. Going viral is almost synonymous with company expansion, and everybody loves a hilarious corporate tweet. Brands these days, however, must tread the waters of online culture carefully: while the upsides of using social media for…

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  • social media

    How To Host A Successful Instagram Live

    Social distancing measures sparked the rise in popularity for a multitude of activities. Aside from puzzles and baking banana bread, Instagram Live became the unsung hero of quarantine entertainment. With the ability to stream live video from anywhere with the touch of a button, even top broadcast personalities are using…

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  • public relations tips

    Everything You Need to Know About Gift Guides

    Gift guides are all the craze during the holidays, but can actually be used all year round to inspire shoppers and drive traffic to your website and products! As an established tradition in the retail world, however, perfecting a gift guide takes more than just listing products in an article.…

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  • PR Agency

    Tips for Avoiding Burnout When Working From Home

    For over a year now, the majority of us in communications roles have been working from home. Our PR agency is still primarily working remotely, and while working from home can have a lot of benefits (no commute!), it can also lead to higher levels of burnout. Here are some…

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  • brand awareness

    How To: Building A Media List That Gets You Press

    Brand awareness fosters trust with consumers, creates association and builds the overall perception that your brand has to the rest of the world. Needless to say, it’s critical for growing your brand. So how do you establish it? Well, it starts with finding the right media contacts that will generate press…

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  • social media marketing

    5 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Instagram Giveaway

    Hosting an Instagram giveaway is a great social media marketing tactic to generate more excitement amongst your followers while also increasing overall engagement on your platform. There is no right answer as to what type of Instagram giveaway you should run. Need some help? Here are five fun ideas to get…

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  • boutique public relations firm

    Creating On-Brand and Powerful Key Messages

    If there is one thing that we know as a boutique public relations firm, it’s that a business will struggle if it doesn’t have a strong brand story. Without brand identity and a great story, everything else can suffer. Consumers buy the story and relations behind a brand. With so many…

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  • best social media agency

    5 Social Media Trends to Try in 2021

    With the amount of social media users steadily increasing year after year, the best social media agency always needs to be able to stay ahead of the latest trends. Not only are online trends one of the best ways to engage audiences with what they are interested in at the…

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  • boutique PR firms

    The Future of Public Relations

    Much has changed in the wake of Covid-19, including the world of media relations. Trends are shifting faster than ever, and boutique PR firms are relooking how they operate, preparing faster than ever for what’s to come. The future of public relations is all about adaptation. As we’ve seen dramatic social…

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  • social media agency

    Social Media Campaigns & What To Learn From Them

    Not all marketing campaigns are created equal. Whether it be in timeliness, messaging, or overall impact to consumers, some brand’s have simply mastered the art of engagement with their customers on social media through their brand’s marketing strategy. Here are some picks from our social media agency for our favorite…

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