• Featured Blogger: Kailey of Mermaidens

    Every Monday we bring you a feature on a talented blogger who inspires us. This week we are happy to share with you, the beautiful and unique Kailey of Mermaidens. She’s a fashion lover with a ‘penchant for pastels’ – and inspires us to dance to the beat of our own drum…

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  • time management

    Ways to Take Control of the Clock

    Effectively managing time and successfully running a business go hand-in-hand.  As entrepreneurs, we wear lots of different hats and manage a barrage of different tasks and to-do lists. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, disorganized or just plain inefficient. The solution is in effective time management. By mastering time management,…

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  • Featured Blogger: Mel of Melrod Style

      Every Monday we bring you a feature on a talented blogger who inspires us. This week we are happy to feature California Girl Mel of MelRod Style. She’s a chocolate & animal loving fashionista with a penchant for shoe hoarding – all of which we support in full. She’s done collabs with countless brands…

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  • The BLND Holiday Gift Guide

      1. Footnanny Wellness Gift Set, $115 Winter weather means perpetually dry and sensitive skin. Thankfully Gloria L. Williams (aka the Footnanny) has created the ultimate remedy with lavender, tea tree and peppermint foot cream and a pair of spa socks. Your friends will have everything they need for soft and pampered…

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  • 5 Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Every year we all make New Year’s Resolutions that we hope we stick to all year long. Whether we want to drink more water, spend less money, whatever our resolution is, it always seems that by the end of January the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes us forget…

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  • Must-Have Skills for Every Modern PR Professional

    Many think that a Public Relations professional only need to be the organized, good at writing, and know a couple influential people to be successful. PR is quickly evolving however and growing along with the world of digital media and marketing. Not only are PR firms sprouting up all over Los Angeles, New York and…

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  • Kelly GoLightly

    Featured Blogger: Kelly of Kelly GoLightly

    Every Monday we bring you a feature on a talented blogger who inspires us. This week we are happy to feature Kelly Lee of Kelly GoLightly. Her Beverly Hills based fashion blog is adventerous, chic, and can’t help but remind us of East Coast class and Audrey Hepburn. She and her blog have been…

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  • ipads

    Are iPads Becoming a Thing of the Past?

    Ever since Apple launched the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPads have been lacking some love. Today, iPads seem to be facing an unfortunate fate. Since the September launch of the new iPhones, reader habits of those who own the large devices (iPads and iPhone 6’s) have changed…

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  • Office Gift Exchange Ideas

    Office holiday parties are the perfect way for you and your co-workers to get in the holiday spirit and celebrate together. A great way to get everyone involved with the party is to have an office-wide gift exchange! A gift exchange is a fun way to give each other presents,…

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  • Snapcash

    Snapchat Teams Up With Square To Create Snapcash

    We have all heard of Snapchat, the infamous app that allows users to “snap” a photo or video, add a caption, and send it off to friends for a limited amount of viewing time of up to 10 seconds until the image disappears forever. Recently, Snapchat has taken their ability…

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