• Tips for Pitching

    Pitching to the media is an art within the public relations world. It takes practice, and is something you can get better at day by day. You already know what you, your product, or your client has to offer, and it’s time to share that with others too. Here are…

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  • Stripes & Sequins

    Featured Blogger: Grace of Stripes & Sequins

      Every Monday we bring you a feature on a talented blogger who inspires us. This week are featuring Grace Atwood, the founder of the wildly successful lifestyle blog ‘Stripes and Sequins’. She covers everything from beauty to DIY – and by day is a successful business woman in Social Media and…

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  • Ello, are You There?

    Ello, a newly popular social media platform is said to be the next best thing, but is it really? It was originally created by a group of seven well-known artists and programmers as a private social network, but they were so overwhelmed with users, they decided to make a public…

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  • Pinterest Advertising

    Pinterest to Offer Targeted Advertising

    Pinterest recently updated its private policy to reshape its advertising plan. In this new plan advertisers will soon be able to directly target Pinterest users who are already customers. Pinterest advertising can target customers in their database, such as customers on an email list. Advertisers will then be able to…

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  • PR for Boutiques

    PR Tips for Boutiques

    Public relations can sometimes be overlooked as a part of a small boutique’s marketing strategy. However, through the right PR plan and activities any boutique can increase its brand awareness and sales. Here are PR for Boutiques tips: Create social media profiles – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. are extremely…

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  • Ken Kragen at CEO Open House

    Fremont College was privileged to feature entertainment industry guru, Ken Kragen, who produced the legendary album We are the World, 30 years ago.The historic and groundbreaking We Are the World album was recorded to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia, selling over 3 million copies and raising over $64 million dollars for…

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  • Twitter and Business

    Twitter’s Necessity for Business

    Although you may not be a fan of Social Media, it’s important to invest in at least ONE social media outlet…Twitter. Twitter and business are meant to go together – get tweeting! Twitter has become so important in creating partnerships, networking, and ultimately building businesses. Plus, Twitter is the fastest…

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  • Twitter Update

    What Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ Button Means For Your Brand

    There is a new Twitter update! A few weeks ago Twitter introduced its Buy Now button to some music artist, nonprofits and only two brands: Burberry and Home Depot. The currently exclusive Buy Now button allows users to directly make purchases through Twitter. Here is a short video explaining the process. Other social…

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  • Social Media Week LA

    Social Media Week LA 2014

    Social Media Week LA is conference offering a series of conversations and activities on emerging trends in mobile and social media. The conference is held twice a year in over 24 cities around the world. Social Media Week LA 2014 starts this week with its headquarters in Santa Monica. With…

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  • PopSugar Beauty

    Featured Blogger: Kirbie of PopSugar Beauty

      Every Monday we bring you a blogger feature on a talented individual who inspires us. This week are featuring the established Kirbie Johnson, the founder of her own blog ‘Kirbie Goes to Hollywood’, and contributor to PopSugar Beauty, Huffington Post, Styleist, US Weekly, Yahoo! and more. She’s an expert in…

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