• viral campaign

    Viral Campaign: How To Make Your Campaign Viral

    If you’ve been on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter this week it is highly likely that your feeds have been showered with a viral campaign, videos of your friends and celebrities dumping buckets of ice water on their heads. It was former Boston College baseball player Peter Frates’ idea to use…

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  • Featured Blogger: Jessi of The Darling Detail

    Every Monday we bring you a new blogger who inspires us. This week we are featuring Jessi from The Darling Detail. Her Southern Charm, chic style and world travels delight us every time she updates us with a new adventure. It really is all in the detail. Can you tell us…

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  • new iphone app

    A New iPhone App That Monitors Your Cell Phone Use: Helpful or Harmful in the PR World?

    The cell phone addiction is real in the PR industry. Even just thinking about not having it right next to us, causes major panic and anxiety. The first step is admitting you have a problem, the second is downloading the new iphone app “Moment.” Moment is new free app designed…

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