Ken Kragen at CEO Open House

Fremont College was privileged to feature entertainment industry guru, Ken Kragen, who produced the legendary album We are the World, 30 years ago.The historic and groundbreaking We Are the World album was recorded to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia, selling over 3 million copies and raising over $64 million dollars for poverty relief in both Africa […]

Twitter’s Necessity for Business

Twitter and Business

Although you may not be a fan of Social Media, it’s important to invest in at least ONE social media outlet…Twitter. Twitter and business are meant to go together – get tweeting! Twitter has become so important in creating partnerships, networking, and ultimately building businesses. Plus, Twitter is the fastest way to connect with others […]

What Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ Button Means For Your Brand

Twitter Update

There is a new Twitter update! A few weeks ago Twitter introduced its Buy Now button to some music artist, nonprofits and only two brands: Burberry and Home Depot. The currently exclusive Buy Now button allows users to directly make purchases through Twitter. Here is a short video explaining the process. Other social networks, Pinterest and Facebook, have […]

Social Media Week LA 2014

Social Media Week LA

Social Media Week LA is conference offering a series of conversations and activities on emerging trends in mobile and social media. The conference is held twice a year in over 24 cities around the world. Social Media Week LA 2014 starts this week with its headquarters in Santa Monica. With over 80 events scheduled for […]

Featured Blogger: Kirbie of PopSugar Beauty

PopSugar Beauty

  Every Monday we bring you a blogger feature on a talented individual who inspires us. This week are featuring the established Kirbie Johnson, the founder of her own blog ‘Kirbie Goes to Hollywood’, and contributor to PopSugar Beauty, Huffington Post, Styleist, US Weekly, Yahoo! and more. She’s an expert in the beauty field, the queen […]

Social Media in Today’s Marketing World

Social Media

Social Media has become an integral component of modern day Public Relations. Story telling is an important skill to social media that requires a combination of excellent writing skills, visual communication skills, and branding. It is our job to create and share relevant and engaging content. We are experienced at utilizing different platforms, execution techniques […]

What is Traditional PR?

Public Relations

In a world where social media is becoming a necessary part of a business strategy, the importance of traditional public relations can get lost in the crowd. However, media placement, image management and community involvement can create a positive media buzz for both you and your business. Public relations is also one of the most […]

The Importance of Brand Styling

Creating and maintaining the right branding for your product or service is crucial for every business. Branding refers to the personality, tone, voice and style of your company. Your brand is how you communicate with consumers and how they remember you, distinguish you from the crowd. It is also a way for your business to differentiate itself […]

Featured Blogger: Amity + Mioara of Cream & Sugar, Please

  Every Monday we bring you a blogger feature on a talented individual who inspires us. This week we are featuring the personable Amity + Mioara of Cream & Sugar, Please. This adorable duo met through Twitter, and has been producing stylish and interesting work for us to read ever since.  The perfect combination of young […]

The Unofficial Online Guide to Fashion Week 2014

On Thursday September 4, New York Fashion Week started off with a bang. Over the next two weeks celebrities, designers, models and fashionistas alike will flock to New York for some of the most exciting and glamorous days of fashion. However, don’t worry if you can’t make it out to New York for all of […]