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Every Monday we bring you a feature of a talented blogger who inspires us. This week we’re excited to share with you Adriana of Pineapples & Coffee Cups! We found Adriana on Instagram and instantly became huge fans. Just from reading her bio, we knew we had similar loves of eating pizza, taking naps and donuts. Trust us once you are on her Instagram profile you won’t be able to stop scrolling or drooling from all the yummy donut pics! Read more about Adriana and Pineapples & Coffee Cups here

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?background
I am 28 years old and I live and work in Los Angeles, CA as a social worker. I currently work as children’s trauma therapist, but in the next few weeks I will be transitioning to my new position as a Medical Social Worker in an Emergency Room. I’m nervous but excited for the change! When I’m not working, I’m an occasional crossfitter and consist donut eater. I love reading, writing and playing around with confetti and sprinkles. My best friend Melanie is @Hamlet_the_piggy ‘s mom, and so naturally I am her godmother. You can pretty much always find me with a coffee in my hand and on the brink of a highly inappropriately-timed dance party.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
Hysterical, Amazing, and totally Humble.

What Profession other than yours would you love to attempt?
Everyone tells me I should be a party planner but I completely and totally hate it. Well, I really like PLANNING the parties, but I hate hate hate the execution. So if I could just be the person behind the parties with all the fun and incredibly ridiculous ideas, and then someone else could come in and actually do all the work to throw the party, well then I would like that.

What is your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is “I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape” by Charles Dickens.

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What inspired your blog?
I’ve always been a writer and blogger, but my blog Pineapples & Coffee Cups started as an outlet for my pain when I found myself going through a divorce after less than two years of marriage. Over time it has evolved as a reminder for me that even in the midst of suffering and sadness, there can be happiness. Moments of love and laughter and glitter and sprinkles. Epic dance parties at 2 am. Donuts and donuts and donuts. And that no matter what, speaking your truth is more powerful than anything else, even when you are so scared you have to whisper it.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?
I love Instagram, because I am constantly inspired by those around me living beautiful, colorful and celebratory lives. I know life isn’t perfect, but I love celebrating the highlights – and that is what Instagram has been for me over the past year.

Where do you find inspiration for blog posts?
I struggle with this sometimes, but only because I am not one specific kind of blogger. I am not a fashion blogger, or a DIY blogger or a food blogger or whathaveyou. I blog about my feelings and my experiences and my life. Some days, that means I write about the best donut shops in Los Angeles. Other days, I’m struggling with painful emotions left-over from my divorce. Then, I’m sharing about the most recent party I planned and threw, for my Mom, my Dad, or Hamlet the Piggy! It just depends on what is going on in my life at the current moment.

What do you think it is about your blog that keeps people coming back for more?
I have NO idea. I try to be as vulnerable and transparent as possible, and I think we identify with others in our weaknesses. I might look at someone who appears to have this perfect life and admire them for a few moments, but that is just not something I am going to be able to identify with. My life has been messy and painful and hard. I try to just be honest about those moments, I think other people can identify with those feelings.

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How does a brand get your attention for a feature?
They email me, shower me with donuts and sprinkles, and then send me a check for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Haaaaaaa. I wish. For me to feature a brand, I just honestly have to love their products and have room in my schedule to feature them. This means that I actually say no a lot, which is something I’ve had to get better at doing.

What do you love most about blogging?
What I love most about blogging is how I feel after I write a really hard post. Something has been sitting on my chest and I really just need to get it off. And THEN, someone from a land far, far away emails me and tells me that the thing that was sitting on my chest was also sitting on theirs and they are thankful that I wrote about it. That makes me all kinds of happy.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years I want to be a Donut Queen with at least 15 pets of all kinds (pig, kitten, bunny rabbit, sloth, etc) who gets to sleep in everyday. Totally possible, no?

In your opinion, what separates a great blog from an unsuccessful blog?
I don’t know, but I think that depends on your definition of “successful”. For me, being a successful blog has never been about how many followers I have –  I don’t make money from my blog. My blog is “successful” when it helps me express what I am feeling, and helps me connect with others.