The Power of Justmojis


Following the release of the new Kimojis, Justin Bieber has made headlines once again. No, he isn’t in trouble this time. He has actually done a beautiful thing for the world, making his face available to Beliebers 24/7, with the release of the new Justmojis!


Yep, you heard that right. Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to create his own emoji, Justmojis. We are so excited to be able to send and receive animated shirtless Biebers via text message with Justmojis, but this does bring up some very important questions.

1. Who is next? First Kim, and now Justin. Two of the biggest names in celebrity trendsetting, it’s inevitable that someone will try this venture again soon.

2. What does this mean for social media? Social media has been shifting more towards the visual side, which makes sense why emojis are so popular at the moment. Seventy-two new emojis were just announced, but how many can users handle until it’s too many? Texts still require words as far as we know…

3. What will the Biebs teach us next? There is one big difference between the Kimoji and the Justmoji and that is the marketing behind them. Bieber has created a craze surrounding his latest hairstyle. He used this to his advantage, allowing Justmoji customers a first look at his new ‘do. Note to marketers: announce new hairstyles via emoji app.