What Does a PR Firm Do?

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We’ve all heard the words public relations and PR but what do PR firms do for your business or brand? In the easiest terms possible, public relations is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or organization and the public. PR firms work with those individuals or organizations to help them grow and become successful by using certain tactics to increase their visibility and build their brand awareness. PR firms use the following to help their clients take their business to the next level.

  • Creation, management and distribution of press materials – This includes everything from press kits, fact sheets and press releases. They make sure this information is made and available for the media to use
  • Press Plan Development – Whether you are a new company or not PR firms will help you develop a plan and strategy for how and where you want to see your business in the media.
  • Media list identification and relationship building – When a business has information that it wishes to share PR firms can create for them a focused and target media list that will make sure they are sharing this information with the right people
  • New product launches –PR firms will build awareness and excitement around a new product by sharing the details of the launch to the media and getting the information to the right audience
  • Planning and execution of media events – Media events are a great opportunity for a business to network with other business, the media and potential new customers. It lets people to get to know your brand and who you are.
  • Aggressive Pitching – This could be pitching you to the media, pitching possible business partnerships, or pitching potential clients. But through experience and strategy your PR professional will know who to pitch and how to pitch them to get results.
  • Social Media Management – This is not a service all PR firms offer, but one we believe is very related to PR and a companies image. We prefer to have control over Social Media to keep it relevant with all work that’s happening in their business.