5 Reasons Why You Should Be Pitching Podcasts

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These days, it seems like virtually anyone who’s anyone has their own podcasts. From celebrities to influencers, realtors to CEOs, podcasts are continuing to gain traction and new ones pop up every day. For brands big and small, podcasts are a fantastic way to tell your story and improve visibility for your company. As the top public relations firm in the South Bay, we’ve perfected podcast pitching and recommend them to our clients as a way to highlight their credibility, showcase knowledge and establish them as a thought leader in their space. Here are five of our favorite reasons why every brand and professional could benefit from incorporating podcasts in their PR strategy. 


Podcasts Continue To Grow in Popularity 

The podcasting industry has been steadily growing since its inception, with no signs of slowing down in 2024. In fact, market forecasters predict that the industry will reach $3.3 billion in revenue by 2025, and will continue to grow in listenership and engagement. With millions of listeners worldwide, podcasts are popular amongst Gen Z and younger Millennials, with over 65% of listeners in the United States being under the age of 34. 


It’s a Great Medium for Storytelling 

With the audio interview-style of podcasts, there’s no better medium to share your story in an interesting, conversational way. Its primary purpose is to share stories, and the format allows the interviewee to dive deep into niche topics. Typically, podcast interviews are very conversational and genuine, which typically resonate well with audiences over scripted shows or overly-edited articles. Because of this, you can form a better connection with the audience and people will really listen to what you have to say. 


You Can Target Niche and Varied Audiences 

No matter what your specialty or niche, there’s probably a podcast out there that talks only about that. Millions of people create and explore millions of different podcast topics worldwide. If you have a particular niche or market you’re trying to appeal to, podcasts can be a great way to target very specific audiences. For example, if you’re a realtor in the South Bay, your audiences might range from families in the area to property investors in Los Angeles. While each of these demographics are interested in your same services, their reasons why and what information they’re looking for are completely different. When your audiences vary like this or get hyper specific, it can be great to use unique podcasts to appeal to each demographic. This allows you to highlight the points that matter most to them in a more direct and digestible way. 


It Builds A More Personal Connection Between You and Your Audience 

Oftentimes, podcasts are filmed in both an audio and video format. This dual approach allows podcast hosts to share content across multiple channels and maximize reach. With that said, the nature of podcasts allows for listeners to tune in while doing things in their everyday lives. Many listen on their commutes, while cleaning their homes, or even while at work. Podcast fans often have a special bond with their podcast hosts, and enjoy the deep, intimate conversations they have with their guests. By being an interviewee on a podcast, you’re joining a community of listeners that already share your common interests. Therefore, you don’t need to work too hard to convince them to care about what you’re saying. Your message and purpose are likely to authentically connect with them and spark their interest right away.


Podcasts Provide Great Sound Bites for Broadcast and Other Media Pitching 

Once you get your first few podcasts under your belt, you’ll build a portfolio of sound bites that can be extremely useful in securing other coverage. As a public relations firm in the South Bay, we have seen firsthand the impact of podcast appearances on building more interest in other news outlets. Especially in the world of broadcast news, editors love to see evidence that you can speak well and carry an interesting, engaging story before putting you live on air. Podcasts are great practice for this interview-style format, as they’re often pre-recorded but are designed to feel off the cuff. 



Understanding why podcasts are a great tool is crucial to any public relations strategy in 2024. To learn more about how our public relations firm in the South Bay can help you grow, click here.