Public Speaking Tips That Will Prepare You For Any Interview

Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking isn’t everyone’s forte, the same goes for interviews. A good interview should feel like a conversation, not an interrogation. Here are some essential public speaking tips that will help you nail your next interview.

– Know Yourself: That moment when the interviewer asks, “So, tell me about yourself.” This is your chance to explain your personality, interests, work habits, and background that would help you rock the position in which you are applying.

Bridge the Gap Between Confidence and Enthusiasm: Confidence speaks to the way you perceive you, while enthusiasm is more indicative of your feelings about something or someone other than yourself. Make a list of reasons that you are confident about your ability to perform a task with why you are enthusiastic about doing it.

Use LinkedIn Profiles to Practice: Take a look at how you described your role at previous jobs and practice how you might translate these into actual conversation.

Know When to Cut it Off: Always be mindful of the length of your answers. Big audiences don’t like ramblers, and neither due interviewers. If you can communicate your response with a couple of words, don’t use more than necessary.

Be a Team Player: Be sure to incorporate “we” language to show your ability to work well with others.