Reasons PR is in Tinder’s Most Right-Swiped Jobs


It recently came to our attention that if you’re a woman working in PR, your Tinder game is probably straight fire. Not that we didn’t already know this, but it’s nice to see some statistical proof behind our swiping success. It’s a no brainer to us why we’re awesome, but we thought you should know all the fuss about why women in PR are your most right-swiped.

1. We’re Incredible Conversationalists

Conversation can never die with a PR girl. We know what to talk about, when to talk about it, and how to talk about it, because even if we don’t know anything about it — we have a million questions up our sleeve to whip out in order to learn something new and put it in our back pocket for later use.

2. We Know All About Image 

Give us the date, time, and engagement type — we’ll be ready. We have every outfit, accessory, energy level, and deck of conversation topics ready to enjoy the evening, dazzle your friends, or make your parents fall in love with us faster than you can blink.

3. We’re Extremely Approachable

Hey wassup, hello! We’re constantly reaching out to strangers on the regular, so texting you first doesn’t bother us. We’re more than happy to set up the first date since we know a great place close by, around the corner, that has a great dish for a budget with live music and an incredible atmosphere.

4. We Always Accept A Challenge

No task is too great and no match too out of our league. PR is about always taking it to the next level so you know we’ll go above and beyond for our future bae. We’re not scared to message you first to pitch our awesome personalities, so be prepared for an onslaught of witty repartee and the best damn Tinder prose to ever blow up your inbox.

5. We’re Passionate

Didn’t you know PR stood for Passion Riots? We throw them. Because we’re passionate about our clients, their business’, their products, their stories, and how we can share them with the world. But passionate doesn’t just stop at work.

6. We’re Constantly Turned On 

As a PR guru, we have to stay turned on, tuned in, and connected not only to our devices/social media, but to everything going on around us at all hours of the day. This way we can keep up with the competition and make things happen for our clients!

7. We’re Chameleons

Let’s be real, people in PR are paid for their versatility. Everyone knows we’ve done it all. Our jobs involve having multiple areas of expertise and evolving with those industry trends. We probably like what you like.

8. We Know Everyone

It’s our job to know who’s who and what’s what, so getting to know you will be that much easier. Don’t be intimidated if, when going out with us, we’re constantly running into so-and-so that we met from this-and-that. Connecting with all sorts of people is just what we do and it’s why we’re so approachable both online and in real life. Clearly, this is why we’re killing the Tinder game.

9. We’re More Than Just Our Dashing Good Looks

There’s brains and there are beauties, but then there are the attractively smart people you can only find in PR. You probably clicked on our profile for our insanely adorable pictures, but stayed for our witty tagline. When it comes to us, there’s more than meets the eye and we aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

10. We Know How To Make A Good Impression

In PR, we understand how to reel people in. We know that in the Tinder world, great first impressions are gold. We know just what to do to make it seem like we’re the best catch, without the over-the-top narcissism or outrageous cockiness you’d expect with people this confident about ourselves.