Why Hiring A Restaurant PR Firm Helps Drive Traffic To A Restaurant

Restaurant PR Firm

Every new restaurant has that known 6 month period to break even or bust in order to survive in the industry. Especially in Los Angeles where food is one of the most important part of its culture, if a restaurant can’t get the press it needs to get chairs filled and their name circulating in the foodie world, don’t bet on keeping your doors open long. One way to make sure your restaurant gets the recognition it needs to thrive, is by hiring a restaurant PR firm. Here are three reasons why hiring a restaurant PR firm will help drive the right traffic to your restaurant.

Local Media Connections
A restaurant PR firm will have an established list of relationships with local food and beverage critics with will allow easier outreach to schedule a tasting at your restaurant. Also, getting local coverage will help provide a voice for the restaurant directly from the source if you are quoted. Locals will begin to eat at your restaurant, which will provide you regulars who will want to bring their friends and family to eat. As the regulars begin to build, your restaurant will have enough clout to become a must stop for tourists who come into town. Local media coverage can go a long way!

Foodie Bloggers and Influencers
A restaurant PR firm has their finger on the pulse on foodie bloggers and influencers. We work frequently with these groups in order to establish restaurants, bars, food and drink items for brand awareness. Foodie bloggers and influencers are the food critics for millennials and can also determine the reputation of a restaurant just as much as a well established food critic from the LA Times. A restaurant PR firm can best execute and maintain the relationships between bloggers, influencers, and the restaurants. Keeping these relationships on the best terms possible means more coverage for the restaurant, its ambiance, staff, and most importantly the food and drinks.

Social Media Marketing
Even though having secured print and digital coverage is absolutely fantastic, it isn’t complete without having a social media marketing plan to boot. A food and beverage public relations firm can put together a thorough social media marketing plan that will enable the team to target a specific demographic that you will want eating and drinking at your restaurant. Social media will help spread the word with yummy photos, circulate specials faster, and facilitate conversation about how great the establishment is! Social media marketing is integral in the overall plan of opening a restaurant, so be sure to at least have a social media plan in place before opening day.