3 Ways On How To Boost Your Restaurant Marketing Game For 2017

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Besides hiring an amazing restaurant pr firm with incredible staff, cooking up delicious eats, and starting a Facebook page — there are so many more options for boosting your restaurant’s marketing game this upcoming year. With the rise of citizen journalists, foodies, and internet food culture, it’s best to utilize those avenues to get customers in, fed, and talking about their experience at your restaurant. However, if you’re intimidated by the first two options, you can always just reach out to a food and beverage public relations firm to handle all your marketing needs!

Budget And Circulate Social Media Ads
Chances are in your new circle of talent, there is someone who is a little social media savvy. If you know your demographics and have great images of your space and/or food, have your designated internal social savvy person create a Facebook ad and Instagram sponsored post. These posts are great to target those you want eating at your restaurant, especially online bloggers who rule the food critic realm for millennial crowds. Make sure the ad copy is a call to action and provide the most enticing information necessary to draw them to click and make a reservation simply by admiring the images.

Invite Foodie Bloggers And Influencers To A Culinary Party At Your Restaurant
As we mentioned before, food bloggers and influencers are the trusted food critics for millennials. Millennials spend more time researching a place before determining whether to step foot in your restaurant. In restaurant pr, it’s just as much about the food, the pricing, and the service as it is about the decor, ambiance, and type of crowd. Plan a private party for a special guest list of bloggers and influencers to come for a sips and tastings of your best dishes and encourage them to post images, tag the location, as well as tag you in the image on their social channels.

Hire A Local Food And Beverage Public Relations Firm
If you’re already overwhelmed and are having to wear multiple hats, don’t fret! This is why food and beverage public relations firms exist! Hiring the right food and beverage public relations firm will immediately lift the heavy weight of having to plan and execute social media marketing and influencer coverage of your restaurant. With local connections, a food and beverage public relations firm can provide guidance on the best way to utilize social media budgets and secure local coverage to drive foot traffic to your restaurant.