4 Content Ideas To Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Page

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As every social media manager knows, coming up with fresh and creative content can become a real challenge. Occasionally, you may run into what our social media agency call’s a “content slump.” You may find yourself struggling to come up with captions, new engaging content, and will feel totally out of ideas. As far as platforms go, LinkedIn can be particularly challenging. Finding creative and engaging content that is appropriate for the professional platform can be tough. To help spruce up your LinkedIn page, here are five content ideas from our social media agency to help you invigorate your brand’s feed. 


Share Recent Press and Awards

If your company is featured in an article or wins an award, it is a great idea to share that news on LinkedIn. The platform is a great place to share business wins. Showcasing your brand’s good news is a great way to show your audience that you’re crushing it. 


Make a Company Video 

Is your business a fun place to work? While a professional platform, LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your authentic company culture and the actual people behind the business. Even if you’re just starting out yourself, a behind-the-scenes look at your brand and an average work day can make for engaging and relatable content. Gather your team and make a funny video, or do a walking tour of your office or WFH workspaces. Videos like these can increase platform engagement, and even entice potential employees or clients to want to work with you! 


Company News and Updates 

This seems obvious, but LinkedIn is a great place to share even small company news and updates with your audience. Did you recently move offices? Did you redecorate? Are there new work-from-home policies in place? Sharing news about your company establishes thought leadership, and shows that your company is innovative, updating, and constantly improving. 


Q&A With Team Members (and the CEO!)

Q&A’s or other interactive content with actual members of the team is a great way to connect with your audience on social media, even LinkedIn. Whether you make a video of frequently asked questions, or host a live Q&A in the comments, this is a great tool and engaging content idea. You could even make it a recurring series, and bring on the CEO once a month to do a chat. 


When sharing any content on any social media platform, it is important to remember to stay authentic and true to your brand. For more content ideas from our social media agency, click here