A Social Media Agency’s Favorite Doctor Instagrams

In recent years, a surprising Internet demographic have had their various social media accounts go viral: those in the medical field. Social media users are endlessly fascinated with the gorey, bloody, and sometimes just plain weird wonders of the medical world. Below, we as a social media agency highlight some of our favorite Internet-famous doctors and dentists. Beware: some of these accounts contain sensitive images, so proceed with caution!

Michael Apa, DDS (IG: doctorapa) – Cosmetic dentist

Dr. Apa is an absolute rockstar in the world of dentistry. G-Wagons, champagne, private jets, thousand dollar outfits… Dr. Apa’s Instagram feed offers a glimpse into the world of an internationally recognized cosmetic dentist. Famous amongst elites for his high-class lifestyle and dentists for pioneering a new style of veneers, Apa has gained a large celebrity following over the years (his patients include actors, models, social media influencers, and even royalty).

Zubin Damania, MD (aka ZDoggMD) (IG/Twitter/YouTube: ZDoggMD) – Internal medicine

Zubin Damania first rose to fame after posting a series of satirical medical and healthcare videos on YouTube under the alias “ZDoggMD.” In the years since, ZDoggMD has amassed a sizable following on social media, likely due to his expert ability to disseminate complex medical information to everyday people. He still regularly creates new videos for his YouTube channel and uses his Instagram and Twitter account to post medical memes.

Sandra Lee, MD (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) (IG: drpimplepopper, YouTube: @DrSandraLee) – Dermatologist

When dermatologist Sandra Lee began uploading short pimple popping and blackhead extraction videos to Instagram in 2015, she was mystified by the videos’ popularity amongst people outside of the medical field. Since those first videos, “Dr. Pimple Popper” has evolved into a household name – Lee has millions of followers across social media, has exceeded one BILLION views on the various Dr. Pimple Popper platforms, and recently had her debut television show debut on TLC.

Simon Ourian, MD (IG: simonourianmd1) – Cosmetic surgeon

Simon Ourian is the cosmetic surgeon to the stars. Although the doctor has a host of high-profile clients (including Lady Gaga and Lisa Vanderpump), Ourian’s name is most closely associated with the Kardashian/Jenner clan. He helped give Kylie Jenner her famous lips and is regularly credited by the family for helping maintain their youthful looks. Dr. Ourian is very active on Instagram – he posts daily pictures and videos of procedures and is always quick to interact with curious commenters in an honest, professional way.

Mike Varshavski, DO (IG: doctor.mike) – Family medicine

In late 2015, Mike Varshavski’s Instagram account went viral. Looking through his feed, it’s not hard to see how the “Hot Doctor” became an overnight internet sensation. His good looks are the focus of most conversation; look up “Hot Doctor” and you’ll find plenty of comparisons between Dr. Mike and the handsome leading men of Grey’s Anatomy and ER. In addition to the numerous pictures of himself in scrubs and with his dog, Dr. Mike also uses his Instagram to bring awareness to the many charitable organizations and causes he supports.

These are just a few of the many fascinating medical social media accounts out there. As a boutique public relations and social media agency, we’re always on the lookout for new social media trends. Check out these hot accounts to keep up with! For tips on how to run social media for non-traditional industries, read our blog here.