Staying Organized as a PR Professional

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It’s no surprise that the PR world can get chaotic at times. Juggling tasks like pitching, researching, and writing on top of meeting tight deadlines is a lot. We’re on the grind 24/7. Sometimes, even the best public relations agency can face trouble if there is no method to all the madness. Missing out on any piece of client news/information can be detrimental, therefore having some sort of order is really important. So here are 4 things that can help you stay organized as a PR professional. 


Make the To-Do List

The simplest yet most effective way to keep track of your tasks is by making a list. You can go the traditional route by writing it down, or use programs like Trello, Asana and Todoist to create digital lists.  If you don’t want to download another app on your device, you can even use the notes or reminders app built into your Android/MacBook to help you. 


Schedule Out Your Day

After you know what needs to be done, you have to know when it should be done. Therefore, prioritizing tasks based on your to-do list is a must. Some tasks may be simpler while others complicated, but what matters most is completing them based on due dates. This will give you a sense of direction for your day/week/month. Even though it may be hard at first, implementing a daily routine could add flow to these daily tasks. Using the early mornings to check emails, social media, and pitching while allocating time in the afternoon for content creation will make you feel more organized. 


Update Your Calendars

Being a PR professional means having 10 things on your mind. Setting calendar reminders is the best way to ensure you won’t be forgetting any dates and times for upcoming deadlines, events, and client meetings. Especially those that aren’t in the near future. Apps like Gain or Sprout Social can help you manage a social media content calendar and monitor engagement. 


Google Drive = Your best friend. 

The best public relation agency will always have some sort of main drive. PR requires teamwork, and having a google drive makes staying connected with the team way easier. You can create a central drive and organize it based on clients. Within those client folders, you can utilize excel sheets for media lists and google docs for agendas and media kits. The best part about google drive is that everything is in one place which can be accessed from anywhere.  


So there you have it, being organized can really help you succeed and be the best public relations agency you can be. Technology has made this easier so taking advantage of it is a valuable thing to do. To learn more about how we stay organized, click here