The Do’s and Don’ts of Lifestyle Public Relations

lifestyle public relations

Lifestyle public relations is not all black and white. Although black and white are perfect neutral colors for some instagram feeds, there is more than just posting aesthetic colors when having your own firm! There are many different things that go into it and we are here to give you the do’s and don’ts of working at a lifestyle public relations agency.

Do personalize pitches

There is nothing worse than getting a generic pitch. Maybe it is missing a letter in your name, or maybe they don’t use your name at all! Influencers don’t appreciate knowing that they got the same pitch as the next media outlet. Whether they figure it out through a mistake or not giving details about their respective outlets, it is important to customize each pitch!


Don’t lack communication skills

Communication is key when running your own lifestyle public relations firm. Public relations is a communication-based business and if you are not communicating with your clients and your social-media audiences, it could be hard to run a successful firm or even social media page!


Do post, post, post

Whatever you do, post everything and anything you can. Of course, make sure its proofread and applies to your client. In today’s day and age this is vital to building a platform and a following for your clientele. As well as posting, making sure you are keeping the same tone, voice and color scheme throughout. This can help make your clients instagram or twitter more appealing!


Don’t pitch to only big media companies

Although Vogue and Cosmo are calling your name, smaller media outlets such as local magazines, influencer blogs or other lifestyle public relations firms are essential to getting your clients name out there. 


Although there are so many things you can do with a lifestyle public relations agency, there are also so many things that you should not do. Learning these ins and outs are a part of the process to become a successful lifestyle public relations firm!