The Future of Public Relations: 4 Trends to Watch

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Public relations is an ever-changing industry that is influenced by technology, consumer trends, and the social and political landscape. In light of the outbreak of COVID-19 and the landscape shift its caused, the field has evolved. As such, public relations agencies have had to adjust their methods to get the press’ attention. Constant change makes the public relations industry exciting, as it forces us to be creative, further our skills and change our thinking. We at BLND, a Los Angeles public relations agency, predicted four future PR trends to watch out for:


Storytelling skills will be your most valuable asset

The number of advertisements, sponsored, and unsponsored posts on social media continues to grow. Last year, Instagram tested hiding the like-count on some of its test markets, a change that will affect how users engage on the platform if adopted globally. For this reason, creating and curating engaging content will be more important than ever. Mastering the art of storytelling through well-structured and authentic content will be your most valuable asset in the future PR market.


Evidence-based ROI will be the norm

Unlike in other branches of the communication industry, such as marketing and advertising, public relations efforts are often hard to measure. Advancing technology better allows PR professionals to measure the impacts of their campaigns and provide their clients with evidence-based ROI. Data analytics tools such as Google Analytics and TrendKite measure and attribute website traffic and monitor media mentions. We expect that tech companies will utilize machine learning algorithms to create advanced analytics tools. In turn, these will allow for reliable qualitative measurement of PR efforts.


Industry branches will merge

Businesses no longer see public relations, marketing, and advertising as separate entities. Instead, they expect a one-stop-shop for all their communication needs. Publicists should prepare to diversify their talents as companies will look to hire multi-skilled professionals. Such skills include copywriting, videography, event production, reputation management and social media management.


PR teams will become more inclusive

Diversity is an essential part of any successful industry and business, and the world of public relations is no different. Therefore, creating teams of professionals from all walks of life, religious believes, racial group, and gender identity will inspire forward-thinking, diversity-focused communication. Team diversity in public reactions helps avoid cultural appropriation pitfalls, elevates brand awareness, and helps companies stay relevant.


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