The Future of Public Relations

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Much has changed in the wake of Covid-19, including the world of media relations. Trends are shifting faster than ever, and boutique PR firms are relooking how they operate, preparing faster than ever for what’s to come. The future of public relations is all about adaptation. As we’ve seen dramatic social and economic changes over this past year, brands are looking to adapt to new landscapes to stay relevant. As client needs change, the focus is shifting away from traditional media relations and more towards content creation and content development. Coverage is becoming more focused on current events and consistent brand messaging rather than standard consumer-driven coverage.

Transitioning to this approach isn’t easy to do for all brands and products. Good boutique PR firms know that every client is different. To determine the best approach for each brand, it is essential to re-evaluate PR strategies, keeping in mind client goals and proposing solutions that will help those brands achieve their goals. 

So what are some future trends we might see in public relations?



It seems like everyone nowadays has a podcast. And if they don’t, podcasts generate tons of listeners to be an effective marketing platform. Around 104 million people in the United States listened to at least one podcast in the last month. With those numbers, podcasts can effectively deliver any brand’s message and reach a new audience base. 


Social Awareness and CSR

The internet can make or break any brand’s reputation. Uniformed brands that are not quick to respond to social events can quickly fall victim to negative press. Now more than ever, it is essential that companies stand up for social justice and what is right. Furthermore, corporate social responsibility and giving back to the communities they serve is essential. 


Virtual Events

Social distancing precautions are likely to stay in effect for a while to keep us safe. With the future of in-person events uncertain, public relations firms are adapting by hosting virtual events. Utilizing live streaming on social platforms is a great way to stay relevant while adapting to the new normal.


In today’s environment, brands are looking to redefine their marketing strategies, seeking to deliver cohesive brand messaging with clarity, purpose and consistency. To learn more about BLND PR and the services we offer, click here