The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumer Behavior

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is on the rise. Product and company endorsements are becoming more and more important to consumers, almost essential. Influencer Marketing is an effective way to both increase brand awareness and build trust within communities. By partnering with big names, brands can utilize their online presence and loyal following to branch out. The results can lead to new audiences, reach target markets, and earn a credible reputation.  


Social Proof

One of the main reasons people look to influencers to determine their next purchase is social proof. Social proof comes into play with modern marketing in many ways, as recommendations and reviews are widespread, easy to access, and have the biggest impact on consumer behavior. Lifestyle influencers, who post seemingly candid or authentic content have been able to master social media. They are able to build a trustworthy rapport with their viewers, making them more likely to trust their recommendations.


People nowadays are more materialistic than ever, and we often err on the side of buying more than we need. Nobody wants to get left behind in this day and age of trends, so it’s important to keep up. Once brands, products, or services start trending, a want is recognized in the public eye, prompting an impulse to buy. Influencers are used to nudge their followers in the direction of a purchase, and once enough do, society is quick to follow along.

Expert Deception

Influencers can be very convincing. When you talk with confidence, it is easy to seem like you are an expert on the topic you are covering. With Influencer Marketing, this attitude is often enough for consumers, and they rarely are prompted to do their own research to fact check what they learn online. Hearing recommendations from trusted friends, family, or celebrities can be more than enough for a purchase to be made.


Influencer marketing is revolutionizing the way brands connect with consumers. Investing in influencers is one of the main ways to stay ahead as a brand, keep up with your competitors, or potential be a part of a social media trend. Leveraging the effects influencers have on your target market is key to a strong marketing strategy, and the best way to keep your brand name in the game. For more on Influencer Marketing and PR Tips, check us out here!