The Return of PR Events: How to Prepare for 2021

The world had drastically changed this last year. Companies have adapted to working from home, and many have had to cancel significant events to stop the spread of coronavirus. While a substantial online presence can sometimes make up for lack of in-person promotional events, eventually, we will rejoin the world of events. After the COVID-19 era, there will be new ways to prepare for events. However, predicting what these events will look like will be difficult, but many experts say that in 2021, major events will be responsible for things like extra sanitation and safety measures. As a PR agency or business, planning a major event often takes 6-months to a year to plan, so now is the time to prepare. To help you anticipate these changes, we have laid out 5 things to consider when preparing for your next event.



As businesses reopen, they are increasing their sanitation and safety measures to ensure that customers have the best experience possible with the least amount of risk to their health. When choosing a venue, you want to make sure they have a sanitation team that cleans before the event but also during the event. If tables and high touch surfaces are cleaned throughout the event, it will lead to more trust and reassurance that the guests feel safe. Face masks must also be required.


Crowd Sizes

As events will probably not be for large crowds for a while, it is important to plan accordingly. One way to avoid large crowds is having a more fluid time frame for your event. The event might be more hours with different groups arriving and leaving at different times. The RSVP could include time slots that they can check off wanting to come to. This RSVP would lead to groups coming and going with less contact and a feeling of comfort as the guests are not overwhelmed by a crowd. 


Food/Drink Restrictions

Events in the COVID-19 era should avoid food and drink, unless you are prepared to hire more team members for sanitation. Food and drinks can be tricky as they require the guests to remove their face masks. If you must have food, check with your local and state guidelines for guidance. Generally, have a separate area set up for optimal social distancing. This way, guests can safely enjoy their food and beverage before rejoining the main event. 


Increased Communication 

Before the event, there will need to be increased communication with the guests and the PR team. All types of PR will need to make it clear how they plan on running the event. Include how you plan on sanitizing, face mask requirements, and how you are putting safety before everything else. Additionally, open the conversation to your publics for questions and concerns, and address them. This open communication will lead to much-needed reassurance and more people feeling safe about attending your event.  


Back-up Plans

If we have learned anything during 2020, it is that times are unpredictable, and we must prepare for all situations. If the PR event cannot go on as normal, you could are care packages to the media and influencers. Additionally, plan for a way to take the event online. Whether that means a live video chat with your guests, a special website, or even an interactive game, a digital event can be a great replacement. 


Preparing for a PR event can seem overwhelming until you break it down into simple steps and necessities. Now that you understand how to prepare for events in the era of COVID-19 read this article on 5 types of PR events here.