Three Tangible Tips for Organic Instagram Growth

It’s been nearly ten years since Instagram was born and created the social media world we interact in on a daily basis. A lot has changed in the past ten years; the photo-sharing app has skyrocketed into a public relations phenomenon that allows companies and individuals to reach new audiences and promote their brand. So how do you create and run an account that effectively reaches and influences your target audience? You do it through organic growth. At BLND Public Relations, we focus on building organic, strategic growth for all of our clients’ social media accounts.

Organic growth can be defined as any authentic social media interaction that boosts recognition, following, and engagement. Having an authentic Instagram presence will not only boost followers but increase business as well. Brands value authenticity because they want their products or services to be viewed by people who have an actual interest in them. Influencers also strive for authentic Instagram engagement in order to attract brands to their page. Having an inauthentic presence, whether that be fake followers or low engagement, will end up hurting your brand or business in the long run. So, how do you create organic growth for your Instagram page? Follow these steps to turn your page into a platform for public relations success.  

Produce Relevant and Quality Content

The first step to Instagram growth is a well-curated grid with consistent, high quality content. Instagram users scroll through hundreds of pictures a day and your post needs to be one that they stop on. Grab users attentions’ by posting photos that highlight the best aspects about yourself or your brand. Use Pinterest, magazine shoots, and other forms of media to come up with inspiration for your shots. The next step is to actually produce that quality content. With smartphone cameras and editing apps such as VSCO and Lightroom, almost anyone can take professional-level photos. At BLND Public Relations, we pride ourselves on producing meaningful and impactful content. For example, a quick change into our client, L’Oeuf Poché’s sporty-chic tennis wear and a walk to the nearest tennis courts allowed us to snap pictures for dozens of posts and stories.

Engage with Your Followers

Now that you have quality content, it’s important that you have followers who want to engage. Start by following individuals and companies that align well with your brand. Engage with these pages to create a following and reach more accounts that could become loyal followers. We practice this with our client, Australian skin-care brand, Jurlique. Daily engagements with followers, influencers, and similar pages has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with users. If a follower or influencer posts with one of Jurlique’s products, we always make sure to engage by liking, commenting, or sharing their post. This not only encourages future posts from this follower but also establishes credibility with those who view the interaction. Instagram’s engagement-based algorithm will recognize your organic interactions and be more likely to place your posts at a higher priority, increasing following and overall engagement.

Hashtag with Purpose

Hashtags are a great way to reach new and diverse audiences. Using hashtags that are unique and specific to your page will allow other Instagrammers to find your content more easily. It’s important to stay consistent with hashtag inclusions on posts but it’s also helpful to switch things up and include different ones. Just make sure you’re not committing any hashtag faux-pas, like flooding your post with too many hashtags. Over-use makes your content look cluttered and unappealing to followers. Instead, focus on the keywords that are relevant to you and your brand.

These tips and tricks for creating thoughtful and strategic content and engagement will prove beneficial in the long-run as your page attracts more followers and in turn, more business opportunities. Implementing these social media engagement tips will allow you to market yourself or your brand in a way that is palatable to your audience without making your posts seem like advertisements.

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