Tips For Wrapping Up An Internship

Wrapping Up An Internship

As summer break quickly comes to an end, we know you are probably excited to be done with internships and mentally preparing for the start of another busy school year. As much as you are excited to return home or return back to campus, remember that wrapping up an internship and leaving on a high note is just as important as starting off strong. Keep in mind that the objective of internships is to learn about different industries and build connections, all leading towards the goal of ultimately finding a job perfectly suited for you after graduation. Follow these steps to wrap up your internship and leave a lasting impression.

Exchange Contact Information – There are many ways to keep in touch nowadays, especially with the increased use of social media. Depending on the relationship you have developed with your coworkers, exchange anything from emails, phone numbers, to LinkedIn and even Instagram or Snapchat information. This way, you can not only stay friends with your close colleagues, but you can also have their information on hand for future job opportunities or recommendations. 

Document Experiences – In the past couple of months, you probably learned more than you have ever imagined. Make sure that you keep your notes in a safe place – whether it’s a notebook or a labeled folder in your computer. It is also important to write your experiences and job duties down in a document in order to update your resume and LinkedIn. Although it is not imperative that you do this before you leave the internship, you should plan to do this as soon as possible as your job and tasks are still fresh in your mind. On top of this, make sure that you update your personal portfolio with your work that you have completed during the internship.

Requesting Evaluations and Recommendations – Internships are a great learning experience. Request an exit meeting with your managers in order to review your behavior and performance during the internship. During this time, you can share your experiences about the company, any thoughts or suggestions. You should also ask them for an evaluation of your performance in order to improve in the future and identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you see yourself asking your employer for a letter of recommendation in the future, it may be helpful to provide them with an outline of your duties and internship overview in order for them to better recall your performance. If you are interested in returning to the company for future employment opportunities, you should definitely express your interest and discuss possible openings.

We hope you the best of luck in finding your dream job! Finish strong in your internship journey and leave on a good note. And if your jumping right into a fall internship, check out our blog on successful internship onboarding tips here!