5 Ways to Travel Cheap In Pricey Destinations For 2017

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As a travel pr firm, we have the secrets to the cheapest places to travel in Europe in 2017. This year is already shaping up to be the most affordable to travel, especially to destinations like Reykjavik, Iceland; Stockholm, Sweden; Bristol, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Edinburgh, Scotland. Airlines, like WOW Air, are offering deals you cannot refuse such as offering flights from Los Angeles for as low as $69.99 to travel to these cities.

Since BLND is a travel pr firm, we don’t want you to have travel FOMO in 2017. The most expensive part of traveling abroad is buying flights, so now that we’ve saved you that expense, you’re halfway there! Here are our recommendations for the best destinations to travel to this year.

If you choose to travel to Iceland in winter you’ll be saving even more money since it’s technically in “off season.” City-center hotels are around $90/night and even guided tours are discounted. And let’s be real…seeing the Northern Lights is pretty priceless.

(Source @reykjavikexcursions)

If Stockholm is your choice, there are a few things you can do to further cut your expenses. Take a free walking tour! Tours are usually a couple hours and they take you to the old city and provide you with some of Sweden’s history. Eating out in Stockholm can get pricey, so cooking with groceries is a fun way to save some money. If you do want to eat out try the lunch buffets, they are cheaper than the sit down restaurants. Sweden is also known for having clean tap water, so don’t be afraid to fill up a reusable water bottle instead of buying water bottles.

(Source @freetourstockholm)

Bristol, England is 33% cheaper than London. But what’s the best way to see Bristol? Definitely from a boat. The waterways around the city are one of Bristol’s greatest treasures. Bristol Packet Boats offer tours around the harbor and out into the Avon Gorge. If you’d prefer to stay on land then consider biking around the city. Bristol is the UK’s first cycling city.

(Source @porthjess)

Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it’s also known for being one of the most expensive. Sow how can you make Cope more affordable? Bike! Not only a cheaper means of transportation, but also a dominating feature of the cityscape. Being a travel pr firm, we got the inside scoop that multiple museums in Copenhagen are free at least one day of the week. You can also visit places like Christiania, Nyhaven (pictured above), and The Botanical Garden for free. Denmark just got a whole lot cheaper!

(Source @govisitdenmark)

Edinburgh, Scotland is known to to be an enchanting city, but it can be pricey. Forget the standard hotels and stay at a bed and breakfast. This is not only a great way to save money but an even better way to get to know the locals. Added bonus that you get complimentary meals. For other meals, forego sit-down restaurants and eat at pubs instead. The pub food will be really good and definitely cheaper!

(Source @edinburghspotlight)