What Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ Button Means For Your Brand

Twitter Update

There is a new Twitter update! A few weeks ago Twitter introduced its Buy Now button to some music artist, nonprofits and only two brands: Burberry and Home Depot. The currently exclusive Buy Now button allows users to directly make purchases through Twitter. Here is a short video explaining the process. Other social networks, Pinterest and Facebook, have similar features. However, Twitter executives claim that their Buy Now button is comparably different. With many social influencers on Twitter, brands will be able to use them to drive users to make purchases in real time. Twitter’s head of commerce Nathan Hubbard stated, “There is a real-time component to Twitter that isn’t replicated anywhere else. I think that lends itself to items with a temporal component…or anything with urgency.”

This new feature will be a huge asset to brands once Twitter opens it up to more users. In the future social media platforms will not only be instrumental in growing your brand, but vastly drive sales as well. This further shows how important social media is, and how it is constantly growing and evolving.