Must-Have Apps Every Couple Needs for Valentine’s Day

Take you Valentine’s Day to the next level this year! Each year, loved ones exchange an estimated 180 million cards. But what if there was an easier, more accessible way to express love for sweetheart? There’s an app for that! With the increase of smartphones and mobile app development, there are many fun valentines apps couples can use to spice things up in their Valentine’s Day and relationship. Romantic apps are especially popular among long distance couples. We’ve put together a list of 5 great valentines apps that can make for an exciting Valentine’s Day!

A top app in Japan, HeartIsIn lets users say ‘I love you” to each other via hearts. The amount of hearts you see depends on your love for each other, and it just keeps growing! Newly launched in the U.S., this colorful and user-friendly design makes this app a fun way to express love for your favorite person any time of the day.

2. Couple
An intimate valentines app for lovers, Couple lets couples share messages, pictures, video, to-do-lists,  and even lets them draw together. All the special moments shared together are stored in a private place, which makes this app great for long distance relationships. In addition, Couples has fun features like ThumbKiss, which simultaneously vibrates as each partner touches the same spot on the phone.

3. Kouply
Add some fun to your relationship and turn it into a game! This entertaining app awards points to you every time you do something nice for your partner. Kouply encourages couples to be grateful and playful with the fun personalized activity suggestions. Bring out the competitive side of you and rack in the points with Kouply.

4. Icebreak for Couples
First Valentine’s day with your new lover? Icebreak for Couples is an engaging way to stay close and in love. This app asks a variety of fun and hypothetical questions such as, “If you could whisk your partner away to anywhere in the world, where would you go?” This mobile app is a great way to learn new things about your loved one and to keep the conversation going. Also, this app allows users to chat and send photos. A great way to break the ice!

5. Avocado
Inspired by an avocado tree, Avocado was made to help couples stay connected with pictures, messages and appointments, no matter how close or far distance. This fun couples app even sends notifications to your loved one when your phone battery is dying. No more wondering why he hasn’t responded to your tenth text! Avocado also allows their users to ‘hug’ their partner by holding the phone to your chest.