Verify your Brand

verify brand

Social networking sites are now making it much easier to make your brand verified. While this may seem unnecessary if you already have a following, it gives all the more reason to take advantage of it. Both Instagram and Twitter are now making it easier for your brand to be taken seriously.

With the introduction of Insights on Instagram, businesses can now have a “Business Profile”. While this is not technically the same as being verified, it does provide a distinction between anyone’s personal profile, and a serious company profile. An address and contact are now included in the bio, and it labels the account as a business. All one needs to access Insights is a company Facebook page that is linked to the Instagram account.

Twitter has just made it much easier for brands to become verified on their social network as well. While the requirements for a verified profile have not changed, one can now apply to become verified via an online application. This is a huge step forward for applicable brands. – verify brand

Verifying brands on both Twitter and Instagram (verify brand) creates a sense of trust. If your brand has a large following already, it may seem insignificant, but rather it’s about the user’s perception. A consumer is much more likely to hit “follow” if the page is verified, regardless of the content.