Video or Photography: Which Content Is Better For You?

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Having eye-catching visual content is a great way to bring engagement to all social media platforms. A video or picture that draws the attention of a social media user as they scroll through their feeds is very important. Recently, there has been a takeoff of video marketing on social media. The biggest question is, what content is better for your social media presence. Each has its own benefit, and as a Los Angeles based public relations firm, we want to give you an insight into why one may boost your engagement more than the other.


Video: Pros & Cons

Videos are very engaging and quick to draw the attention of a viewer. Unlike a photo, a video allows you to show something without having to explain it. You can bring in audio and many other visual aspects. Videos can be short clips that get to the point or longer ones that allow more time for explanation. It all depends on what you want in your content. If a video is done well, it can boost engagement and brand awareness on all social media platforms.  

A downside to video content is that it takes a lot more time and effort than a photography shoot. There is planning, filming, and editing that needs to be done in order to bring the finalized piece together for social media.


Photography: Pros & Cons

Photographs that are unique and striking can instantly draw in a viewer. Many social media platforms started with the basis of sharing pictures, and that ideology has not gone away even with the introduction of video sharing. With photographs, because there is only one photo to get a message across, a caption is usually used to help enhance the message being portrayed. A plus side to this is that not a lot of attention is needed, where with a video being longer, someone may not stay to watch the whole thing. Pictures are quick to the point, and you have one chance to get the viewer engaged.  

A drawback to photography content is that it has been around for a long time. Currently, a lot of attention is on video content. We see this through the popularity of TikTok scrolling and Instagram Reels. Photography content has not gone away, but this is something to acknowledge.



It is also great to keep in mind that every project is different. Sometimes, using both video and photography is a great way to engage on one post. It is also important to note which platform you want the video or photograph to succeed on. Depending on what type of content you are looking for, our Los Angeles public relations firm would love to help you reach your goal. To learn more how to spice up your social media content, click here