The Top 5 Important Website Essentials to Keep in Mind

Website Essentials

One of our specialties is helping our clients design and build their perfect website. Unfortunately, a large price tag often accompanies such a large undertaking and we understand it’s often necessary to create your own. When building your website keep the top 5 important website essentials to keep in mind.

Social Share Widgets- Did you know that only 34% of websites have a social share widget on them? Adding these underrated website tools on your site will allow visitors to help you get discovered and spread the word through their networks via likes, shares, and followers. This is the ultimate viral marketing tool that we are definitely taking advantage of! Look at adding a social share widget on your website like Add This or Shareaholic.

 Email Capture- This is another one of the important website essentials you will need to go along with your website. Email marketing is a great way to generate sales. Why not sign up for a service like Constant Contact, AWeber, or LeadLife and start emailing a list of people that you can market to.

Multiple Ways to Contact You- How many ways do you have for people to reach you? Having numerous ways can increase the likelihood of being contacted. Try a contact form, email, phone number, cell phone, social media platform, or any way that you can think of.

Google Analytics-Do you know how many people come to your website? Or even where they come from? Google Analytics is an amazing website essential that can help with this and the best part is it’s free. As the popular saying goes, you can’t measure what you don’t know. Google Analytics will help you measure the unknown.

Testimonials and Comments- Contrary to the common misconception, people in fact do believe what other people have to say about you, your products and services. Testimonials are one of the website essentials and should be from someone who is real and who has had some sort of encounter with your product or service.

Mobile Adaptivity – Your website must look good from a computer, but must also be usable and aesthetically pleasing from a mobile device. When working with a developer (or finding a theme) make sure your website makes sense and is usable when being accessed from a mobile device.