What is a Boutique PR Agency?

boutique PR agency

As you take your business to the next level and decide to hire a PR firm, it can seem overwhelming to decide what you want. People often pick the biggest name when choosing a company and are overlooking the opportunity to hire a boutique PR agency. PR agencies range in size and complexity so understanding the roles and responsibilities that shape a smaller firm
can help make your decision. A boutique PR agency is a smaller agency that works to cultivate the best results for every single client. We outlined what a boutique PR agency has to offer.


A close-knit team

What makes an agency more of a boutique is the number of employees. A boutique PR agency is a team of professionals that are so versatile they can run a firm with fewer members than their competitors with the same amazing results. These teams often seem more like a family that has mastered the art of working together and open communication. This team size allows the CEO to work directly with every team member and with clients.


Great client relationships

Big PR firms see each client as just one of many with no actual investment into one. But boutique PR firms understand the importance of each client and keeping their brand authentic to them. They work closely with the client, often having meetings and being in constant communication. This hands-on attention is unique to boutique PR firms. Clients are taken care of
by the whole team. Clients receive hands-on attention and care as they are informed on every decision made, or they can sit back and know their brand is in capable hands.


Team members that do it all

The team at a boutique PR agency wears several hats because they are versatile in all parts of PR. They have a wide range of skills and use this to play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This understanding allows for maximum optimization of great results for clients.


Small budget, big results

Boutique PR agencies understand how to get the best bang for your buck. They work hard to make sure that all of your money is being used in the most constructive way. The affordability allows clients to cut back costs and still create phenomenal results.



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