Why You Need A PR Firm Before/ After You Go On Shark Tank

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Picture this: you are the owner of a prevalent small business, and your dream is to one day have the expansion of a lifetime. Whether it means retail stores carry your product or simply open stores that carry out your product. The top-rated TV show known as Shark Tank has made it very possible for these dreams to come true for entrepreneurs all over the country. Although in the program, the entrepreneurs make it look very effortless when speaking to the Sharks, a lot of preparation comes with the introductory presentation. This is why before you even plan on auditioning to be on the show, you must take a step back and realize that you need a public relations team/ public relations services to help you.

In this blog, we will guide you on why you need to seek out public relations services that will help you get the ultimate thumbs up from all the “sharks” and help you even after your appearance. 


It All Starts With The Perfect Pitch 

Besides presenting your product to the “shark,” there is a significant component that means equally as much. The perfect sales pitch intrigues the “sharks” and makes them want to know more about whatever you are showcasing. You want to ensure your pitch is fun, lighthearted, and energetic. 

Now, this is where your public relations team comes into play. In public relations, we write pitches daily and understand their value and importance. As we do in public relations, for your brand’s pitch, you want to ensure you are ahead of the curve by making sure your pitch is short, sweet, and full of valued information. What do we mean by valued information? When it comes to public relations, we know that the media does not want anything extra that does not add value to your angle. In this case, you want to make sure your pitch answers these 3 main questions:

  • Why Is This Important?
  • Why Does This Matter To Our Audience?
  • How Is This Different From Your Competitors? 


Having the perfect pitch can benefit you before meeting with sharks, but when you have a public relations team, they will continue to use pitches to get your brand on the radar of editors who will feature it on your dream outlets. 


Brand Reputation Is All That Matters

Now that you are on the silver screen, you want to make sure that not only are you prepared for your brand to have a reputation among the “sharks,” but your brand will begin to have a reputation among all your new audiences. 

Your brand reputation begins when your desired audience has already started engaging with you, not only your product but your brand. You want to ensure that even before you are on the program, you have engaged with your audience positively. To have a distinguished reputation among your audience, you want to encourage social talking about your brand and product and engage with it. A public relations team will help maintain your brand by creating a cohesive aesthetic, strong core values, and clear employee expectations. 

Lastly, brand monitoring is one of the most important public relations services that will help after your Shark Tank appearance. A public relations team will pay attention to customer reviews, listen to concerns, answer questions, dispel myths, and respond to negative sentiment immediately. Staying in tune with consumer activity will help you fine-tune your business strategies and propel your brand. 


Be Prepared For The Press

After making an appearance in Shark Tank, whether you get a deal or not, the press will begin to want to contact you. They might wish to comment or even do a dedicated feature on your brand story, and it is crucial to have a game plan for when the press begins to do outreach. 

Because of this, having a public relations team means that they will develop a media kit. A media kit is a set of promotional materials to provide information to members of the press. When the press begins to reach out, your public relations team will include media kits to ensure the press has accurate and correct information about you and your brand. Media kits include: Quality Photos (and Videos), Short Bios & Snappy Information, Links to Relevant Sites, Testimonials and Quotes, and PR contact information. 


Whether you decide to have a public relations team before or after your Shark Tank appearance will benefit you no matter what. From helping you perfect your pitch to having a media kit, it helps grow your audience and your brand. 

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