Working From Home – Tips From Our Boutique Public Relations Agency

boutique public relations agency

We thought it would be only temporary. And yet, here we are. Over one year later, our kitchen tables are still makeshift home offices for many of us. With work from home being a reality for so many, the future of work is uncertain. Do we still need offices for workplace creativity, employee collaboration and simply our sanity? Or, will work-from-home change traditional offices forever? One thing is certain: 2020 changed the way we work. Besides learning how to stay productive in pajamas, here are some tips from our boutique public relations agency about working from home.


Adaptable communications strategies are crucial.

Change is inevitable. While 2020 was wildly unpredictable, the immediate and dramatic change during the year has shown that your public relations strategy should never be permanent. A boutique public relations agency needs to be prepared if something as unpredictable as a global pandemic disrupts the typical news cycle. Having an adaptable strategy for social media and media outreach not only eases stress but prevents mistakes. More specifically, mistakes that produce negative statements back on your profiles because no one wants to face social media backlash for a post that was posted at the wrong time, especially if it is because they had no backup or adaptable strategy. 



Take it from a boutique public relations agency: it’s crucial, now more than ever, to over-communicate. Now more than ever, inboxes are congested, making it much easier to miss important information. 2020 has shown us that even adding a couple of extra sentences to an email about important information makes a huge difference and helps remind employees of things they otherwise would have known had they been in the office.


Be flexible.

We’ve all adapted to the new normal, some more successfully than others. Working from home has taught us to acknowledge that things are not guaranteed to work the way they previously did. Being flexible is critical in the age of working from home, even if it’s something as simple as dealing with a wifi issue.


Never underestimate the power of a schedule.

Remote working can give you more control, flexibility and freedom. The only problem is, if you don’t make a schedule with mapped out hours and a day-to-day routine, it can be tempting to fall behind and spiral into disorganization. Opening up your laptop at any hour you choose simply won’t cut it. With an organized weekly schedule, working from home is a lot less chaotic.


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