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    5 Mother’s Days Gift Ideas We Love, From The Clients At BLND PR

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Every year, we all try to find the most unique and special gifts that will make our moms say “wow!” However, it can be tough to think outside the box. This year, treat mom to something special beyond just flowers and a card.…

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    3 Tips for Anyone Looking for a Job in Public Relations 

    The world of public relations is exciting, innovative and always changing, and there are so many jobs within the industry. From PR agency executive to in-house coordinator, to publicist to social media manager, the options are endless. However, the market is competitive, so buffing up your resume and getting valuable…

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    How To Journal For Business Success

    Building your business requires organizational methods that help you manage your projects, relationships with colleagues, and areas of improvement. It’s difficult to practice organization or pause and take a breath in a fast-paced business culture. However, setting time to disassociate from stress and reflect on your performance should not be…

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    Staying Organized as a PR Professional

    It’s no surprise that the PR world can get chaotic at times. Juggling tasks like pitching, researching, and writing on top of meeting tight deadlines is a lot. We’re on the grind 24/7. Sometimes, even the best public relations agency can face trouble if there is no method to all…

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    Working From Home – Tips From Our Boutique Public Relations Agency

    We thought it would be only temporary. And yet, here we are. Over one year later, our kitchen tables are still makeshift home offices for many of us. With work from home being a reality for so many, the future of work is uncertain. Do we still need offices for…

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    Tips for Avoiding Burnout When Working From Home

    For over a year now, the majority of us in communications roles have been working from home. Our PR agency is still primarily working remotely, and while working from home can have a lot of benefits (no commute!), it can also lead to higher levels of burnout. Here are some…

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    Is PR The Right Career For You?

    As a career, public relations is a dynamic and rewarding field that will challenge any professional and keep them on their toes. Many people when getting started in PR are instantly hooked by the creativity involved and the fast-paced exciting nature of the industry. However, if you’ve encountered the industry,…

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    How To Avoid Burnout: PR Professionals Edition

    2020 was a chaotic year for all of us. And so far, 2021 is following many of the same patterns. Unfortunately, that means that many of us continue to feel overworked and exhausted, even after the holiday break. PR professionals everywhere, from those at a public relations agency to those…

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    7 Free Things to Do in Quarantine to Boost Your Mood

    As most of the United States continues to enforce stay-at-home orders and we all practice social-distancing, many of us may struggle with boredom, confusion, and anxiety at home. During this time, it is important to stay positive and keep your mental and physical health up, and thanks to the internet,…

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  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it can be tempting to just grab mom some flowers and a card and call it a day. Shake it up this year and treat your mom to something as special as she is with our Mother’s Day gift guide! Here are…

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