• cooking pr

    Cooking with BLND: Grilled Sriracha Wings!

    This week, the BLND office decided to put their cooking pr skills to the test with our clients product, Fuego grill and we wanted to share every grillin’ moment for your viewing pleasures.  Warning: You might want to grab yourself a towel and maybe a Snicker’s bar because these dishes…

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  • Meet the Team: Annie

    Meet Annie!  Our account coordinator from Long Beach, CA. What one word describes you best?  Quirky Describe your morning routine: Coffee, watching the news, and staring at my closet aimlessly Coffee Style: Soy Latte Wardrobe Style: Black on black on black Favorite Restaurant: Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks Drink of…

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  • Meet the Team: Crystal

    Meet Crystal, our lovely PR/Marketing spring intern from Fremont, California aka “Bae Area.” One word that describes you best: Witty Most interesting job you’ve ever had: I was briefly an assistant for a red carpet events site, which meant I attended a few events and got to interview celebrities Coffee…

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  • brat and brau

    4 Restaurants in the South Bay We Love!

    As a Manhattan Beach PR firm we’re finding (and Yelp-ing) the latest up-and-coming restaurants in the South Bay, so you don’t have to. Brat & Brau – Located on the corner of Hermosa & 14th, if you’re down for a homemade brat and a huge list of German brews, you’ll need…

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  • confident at work

    Tips for Being Confident at Work

    How many times have you’ve been told to “be confident!”  Whether it was advice you received from your parents, your friends, or your co-workers…it’s damn good advice and something worth emulating particularly in the business world.  In the purest sense, confidence is acknowledging what you are good at, the value…

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  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

    Our 10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

    A couple of weeks ago we featured our top 10 gifts for any working woman on our blog.  To be fair (because V-day isn’t always about the women…unfortunately), we’ve put together this list of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man. 1) Truman Set Razor by Harry’s ($15):  This modern company…

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  • PR Intern

    The Day in the Life of a BLND Intern

    Here at BLND, we are huge advocates of internship programs and have been providing opportunities for young professionals from diverse backgrounds to join our team as a PR intern.  This spring, our intern’s are paving BLND’s way into the new year by surpassing expectations and bringing a whole lotta love…

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  • 10 Gifts Perfect for Any Business Woman

    Whether it’s a gift from your significant other or simply a gift to splurge on for yourself, these are the top 10 gifts that we would suggest for any working woman: 1) Fluorescent Coral Water Bottle by Bkr ($35): Studies show that drinking eight cups of water a day can…

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  • Meet the Interns: Mallory

    We are so excited to present one of our hardworking Fall 2015 interns: Mallory Chase! Mallory works as an Account Coordinator at BLND PR and specifically works closely with clients on social media management and media relations. Check out her answers to our survey to learn more about her and…

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  • Meet the Interns: Alison

    We’re so excited to present to you some of our Fall Interns! They work as Account Coordinators, and are given the opportunity to work with clients on various projects and events. This week we’ll be highlighting two hard-working ladies, Alison! To get to know them a bit better, and see what…

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