• Event Planning Tips for a Stress-Free Event

    Event planning is undeniably a lot of work, but there are steps you can take to make the process easier for everyone. Starting to plan your event as early as possible is always the best option. From choosing a location to ensuring all your key guests can attend, the more…

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  • hashtag tips

    Hashtag Tips for Your Special Event

    Nowadays hashtags are becoming the link between businesses and the social atmosphere. Event planners are now utilizing hashtags in their social media platforms to market a much stronger event and to capture comments and moments of that campaign. When hashtags are used properly it can boost your social event. We…

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  • Must-Have Apps Every Couple Needs for Valentine’s Day

    Take you Valentine’s Day to the next level this year! Each year, loved ones exchange an estimated 180 million cards. But what if there was an easier, more accessible way to express love for sweetheart? There’s an app for that! With the increase of smartphones and mobile app development, there…

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  • corporate event planning

    Corporate Event Planning

    Corporate event planning requires exceptional planning and organization. If you take the time to learn how to plan corporate events, then you will find that each successive corporate event becomes a bit easier to plan. A corporate or business event is an investment by your company in marketing a product…

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  • event management

    Why Hosting an Event Is An Important Business Move

    The heart of California is filled with movie stars, dinner parties, award shows, and other mega annual (or even semi-annual) events. From a business standpoint, event management for these serve a purpose. They allow ‘big names’ to network, partner with other businesses and even spread brand awareness. Most of the…

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  • Ken Kragen at CEO Open House

    Fremont College was privileged to feature entertainment industry guru, Ken Kragen, who produced the legendary album We are the World, 30 years ago.The historic and groundbreaking We Are the World album was recorded to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia, selling over 3 million copies and raising over $64 million dollars for…

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  • Social Media Week LA

    Social Media Week LA 2014

    Social Media Week LA is conference offering a series of conversations and activities on emerging trends in mobile and social media. The conference is held twice a year in over 24 cities around the world. Social Media Week LA 2014 starts this week with its headquarters in Santa Monica. With…

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  • fantasy football hashtags

    Fantasy Football Hashtags: Fantasy Football taking over Social Media

    It’s not surprising that social media has taken over another American empire– football, and more so Fantasy Football. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest have all been touched by this great fall phenomenon. It’s amazing that you can now make fellow football friends via hashtags and not just at a…

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  • #Volley4aCause

    Silicon Beach Sports League #Volley4aCause

    Hermosa Beach’s Volley For a Cause Tournament hosted by BLND PR, Village Care International, and Silicon Beach Sports League was the talk of the town this past Sunday Funday. 10 Tech Start-Up Groups including: Enplug, Rubicon, nVestly, Enrou, Ark, Hurley Brothers, WSEP, TV Create, UserBlitz and Pluto.tv participated at the Tournament to help raise money for…

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