• Rise in Popularity of CGI Influencers in Social Media

    CGI influencers are bringing a new meaning to “fake” followers. As a social media public relations agency, we often partner with influencers who have similar goals and artistic visions as our brands to help products reach a larger audience. However, the recent popularity of CGI influencers has proved that the…

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  • Apple Keynote 2018 Recap

    At 10am PST on September 12, Apple hosted their annual keynote address at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, Cupertino. This is one of Apple’s most anticipated events of the year, carefully executed by their Public Relations and Marketing teams. During the keynote, Apple announced 3 new iPhones as…

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  • The Biggest Publicity Stunt of 2018: IHOB

    Breakfast lovers everywhere were shocked to learn that the International House of Pancakes would become the International House of Burgers. The fast food chain revealed a change would be made on June 4 by tweeting, “For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOB. Find…

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  • The Latest Instagram Release – IGTV

    Move over Youtube, Instagram has just released a new update that allows users to post videos that are up to an hour long. Upon opening the application and clicking on the TV icon in the upper right corner, Instagram TV will instantly open and begin playing videos vertically on your…

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  • Fake News

    How Can PR Fight Fake News?

    What is fake news? And why is it becoming more and more common nowadays? Fake news consists of deliberate miscommunication or false information about some topic or individual that is meant to be spread most commonly through online sources such as social media. As our world becomes increasingly digital, fake…

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  • Snapchat's search feature

    Everything You Need to Know about Snapchat’s New Search Feature

    Struggling to keep up with constantly changing social media platforms? We know the feeling. As other social media platforms release similar features to Snapchat like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, it seems every day there is a new update. We’ve got you covered with a complete guide to Snapchat’s search…

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  • Snapchat Removes Autoplay

    Snapchat Removes Autoplay In Recent Update

    Story Playlists are now the new thing after Snapchat removes autoplay in recent update. Exciting news — Snapchat has finally addressed one of the biggest complaints from their app users about Story Autoplay. Done are the days of accidentally viewing your crush’s story when you didn’t want to intentionally view it.…

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  • Snapchat Memories

    Snapchat Memories

    Another week means another change in the social media world. While Snapchatting recently, you may have accidentally slid your thumb up and noticed something called Snapchat Memories. Yes, usually these updates are irrelevant to most; however, this update is actually something you probably will want to pay attention to. What…

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  • Pokémon Go

    What’s the Deal with Pokémon Go?

    Even if you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably crossed paths with someone playing Pokémon Go, trying to catch a Charmander. So far, Pokémon Go is the top downloaded iPhone app, surpassing Tinder, and is nearing similar daily number of users as Twitter. We haven’t seen an app catch this…

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  • Justmojis

    The Power of Justmojis

    Following the release of the new Kimojis, Justin Bieber has made headlines once again. No, he isn’t in trouble this time. He has actually done a beautiful thing for the world, making his face available to Beliebers 24/7, with the release of the new Justmojis! Yep, you heard that right.…

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