• PR Trends

    The Podcast Craze Isn’t Going Anywhere

    While it may feel like every celebrity, influencer, and entrepreneur has a podcast these days, we continue to see podcasts as a thriving, profitable industry that isn’t going anywhere. Just like Facebook groups, there’s a podcast for everyone and every topic under the sun – and PR execs should view…

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  • PR agency

    3 Tips for Anyone Looking for a Job in Public Relations 

    The world of public relations is exciting, innovative and always changing, and there are so many jobs within the industry. From PR agency executive to in-house coordinator, to publicist to social media manager, the options are endless. However, the market is competitive, so buffing up your resume and getting valuable…

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  • PR Agencies

    3 PR Tips for Securing Coverage During The Holidays

    The holidays can be a stressful time for PR agencies. With gift guides mostly published and pitch responses slowing down, end of year reports can feel daunting. Here’s 3 of our favorite tips for ramping up press coverage in December:  Submit your client for “Last-Minute Holiday Gifts” roundups. Missed your…

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  • boutique PR firm

    How To Improve Your Ghostwriting Strategy As A Boutique PR Firm

    In the media landscape, there are many different mediums to use to get your story out there. Whether it be an earned article or podcast, owned blog post, or TV show, the possibilities seem endless. One lucrative way to establish yourself or your client as a thought leader is through…

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  • best public relations agency

    How To Make Your Brand ‘Newsworthy’ – Even When There’s Nothing New

    In the public relations world, a pitch needs to be newsworthy to be picked up by the press. A product launch, change in leadership, award or event are some great newsworthy story angles to capitalize on. However, the reality is that sometimes there is just nothing new or exciting happening…

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  • beauty public relations

    Launching A New Beauty Product: Public Relations Ideas & Inspiration

    So many new beauty brands have hit the scene recently, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s new skincare line, Rose Inc., to the Gen Z focused brand Youthforia, growth within the industry has no end in sight. If you’re planning to launch a product soon, you’re sure to need effective beauty public relations…

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  • public relations tips

    Public Relations Tips: How To Craft the Perfect Media Pitch

    Media pitching is an essential task of public relations work, but its not as easy as it seems. Hundreds of emails can easily fill up inboxes of media contacts. For this reason, it is crucial to draw the attention of editors and their audiences. We have listed some public relations…

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  • public relations agency

    How To Attract Your Ideal Client – Tips From a Public Relations Agency

    Signing on new clients is an exciting time because it means diving into new ventures and expanding your business. However, there are many factors to consider when searching for ideal clients. The client should be a good fit for your public relations agency as they will play a big part…

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  • public relations

    Crisis Communication 101: Preparing For A Crisis

    Crisis communication is how a company uses various tools to communicate their side of the story during an emergency that could damage their reputation. It is a strong aspect of public relations and is critical in preserving a brand’s image. This past year has been an important time in realizing the…

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  • public relations professionals

    How 2020 Changed Public Relations Forever

    The unprecedented events of 2020 affected all industries with unpredictable challenges. The mandatory work-from-home orders changed how people interacted by transitioning from in-person events to video chats on Zoom. In many industries, communication and collaboration are critical assets in everyday tasks. During this difficult time, digital communications were needed more than…

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