• public relations

    Crisis Communication 101: Preparing For A Crisis

    Crisis communication is how a company uses various tools to communicate their side of the story during an emergency that could damage their reputation. It is a strong aspect of public relations and is critical in preserving a brand’s image. This past year has been an important time in realizing the…

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  • public relations professionals

    How 2020 Changed Public Relations Forever

    The unprecedented events of 2020 affected all industries with unpredictable challenges. The mandatory work-from-home orders changed how people interacted by transitioning from in-person events to video chats on Zoom. In many industries, communication and collaboration are critical assets in everyday tasks. During this difficult time, digital communications were needed more than…

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  • Los Angeles PR Agency

    How To Stay Newsworthy As A Brand

    Staying newsworthy is crucial for brands to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. As a Los Angeles PR agency, we are dedicated to curating consistent, meaningful media content to share with target audiences. The following tips are sure to help your brand achieve and maintain a high level of…

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  • best public relations agency

    Staying Organized as a PR Professional

    It’s no surprise that the PR world can get chaotic at times. Juggling tasks like pitching, researching, and writing on top of meeting tight deadlines is a lot. We’re on the grind 24/7. Sometimes, even the best public relations agency can face trouble if there is no method to all…

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  • boutique public relations agency

    The Importance of Brand Consistency

    Brand consistency goes beyond a logo or color scheme. At our boutique public relations agency, we believe it pertains to the consistent message that your brand delivers to its consumers. It creates a reliable, recognizable presence for your customers that they can trust. Consistency leads to positive association that can…

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  • beauty public relations

    Beauty Public Relations: 3 Trending Story Angles for Skincare Brands

    While we love the changing seasons for all the newest beauty trends that spring forward, we also love them for one other reason: an entire new slew of story angles for fashion and beauty. For beauty public relations, we can especially pitch in different ways according to what the season…

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  • LA public relations agency

    Are Press Releases Still Relevant?

    Press releases have been around since the birth of public relations, but these days, many brands are wondering if they are still necessary. With the internet being a tool at our disposal, many view press releases as an outdated and unnecessary practice. However, while they may look a little different,…

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  • boutique public relations firm

    How To Reach Gen-Z On Social Media

    Typically born between 1998 and 2014, Gen Z has always been fully immersed in technology. Therefore, they are amongst the most tech-savvy and hyperconnected generation. Gen Z lives online just as much as they do offline, and active participation on social media is widespread. According to Pew Research Center, 45…

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  • brand awareness

    How To: Building A Media List That Gets You Press

    Brand awareness fosters trust with consumers, creates association and builds the overall perception that your brand has to the rest of the world. Needless to say, it’s critical for growing your brand. So how do you establish it? Well, it starts with finding the right media contacts that will generate press…

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  • boutique public relations firm

    Creating On-Brand and Powerful Key Messages

    If there is one thing that we know as a boutique public relations firm, it’s that a business will struggle if it doesn’t have a strong brand story. Without brand identity and a great story, everything else can suffer. Consumers buy the story and relations behind a brand. With so many…

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