• Sneak Peek at Our New Office!

    We are back in BLND PR’s hometown of Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County, California! In 2014, BLND was born out of a 200 sq/ft space in Hermosa Beach with just one employee on staff. This year, we finished remodeling our brand new luxury public relations space located right across…

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  • public relations help

    Public Relations Help — Earned vs. Paid Media

    Looking for public relations help? Buckle up and join us on this tutorial of PR basics. One of the fundamental concepts to understand when new to PR is that there are two types of press your company can attain are: earned media and paid media. In this article we’ll talk…

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  • boutique public relations agency

    Public Relations Research Tips You Probably Missed

    One of the most critical phases of public relations is research. Research allows you to understand your client better and follow industry trends that can apply to your team/client. As a boutique public relations agency, we work with various clients from various industries, so it is critical to add research…

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  • Los Angeles public relations

    Make Your Next Presentation More Effective: Tips From A Los Angeles Public Relations Agency

    When it comes to presentations, there is a clear division between public relations professionals. Those who enjoy making presentations and the ones who are not big fans of them. No matter how you feel about presentations, we rely heavily on them in the public relations field. Whether we want to…

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  • LA pr agency

    Public Relations: Expectations vs. Reality

    When entering the public relations world, we are full of expectations, whether we are professionals or clients. Although expectations can be a great source of inspiration, they sometimes can be harmful to both the client and the professional because they might be unattainable. As a LA pr agency, we want…

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  • media relations company

    What Is The Best Way To Distribute A Press Release?

    Media relations is one of the significant components of public relations. According to Forbes, public relations practitioners are trying to establish or maintain relationships between organizations and their respected public. To reach these particular publics, you need the help of journalists. Journalists are the bridge between sharing any newsworthy information and the…

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  • Top 5 Tips On How To Talk To The PRESS

    One of the essential duties a public relations agency has is obtaining media encounters for its clients. These media encounters include television segments, in-person interviews, press email interviews, public speeches, and event appearances. No matter what kind of encounter it is, they all add value to you, and it is paramount…

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  • boutique public relations firm

    Summer Forecast: What Will Be Hot (and Newsworthy) This Season

    It’s April – which means Spring is in full swing! Easter is just around the corner, and pastels and flowers are everywhere we turn. However, in the PR world, we’ve got summer on our minds. Behind the scenes, journalists are preparing their editorial calendars and articles months in advance. As…

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  • los angeles public relations agency

    5 Public Relations Campaigns We Loved Last Year

    2020 and 2021 were some of the most tumultuous years in modern history. Brands around the world had to adapt to be more empathetic, socially conscious and mindful of current events. The best PR campaigns were the ones that were sensitive to current issues, but communicated hope for a brighter…

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    5 Essential Components of the Modern Media Kit in 2022

    Media kits have been around for decades. Originating as beautiful, printed files of neatly typed press releases and photographs, these kits have evolved with the digital age, becoming dynamic and engaging pieces of content that brands use to inform and intrigue the media. As they evolve, however, it can be…

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