• Apps To Create The Perfect Instagram Aesthetic

    Creating a cohesive and consistent Instagram aesthetic can sometimes be stressful. Adjusting, cropping, finding the right filter and making each photo match the rest of your images all takes time. Luckily, there are tons of apps to help make the process easier. First of all, you have to determine what…

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  • Apple Keynote 2018 Recap

    At 10am PST on September 12, Apple hosted their annual keynote address at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, Cupertino. This is one of Apple’s most anticipated events of the year, carefully executed by their Public Relations and Marketing teams. During the keynote, Apple announced 3 new iPhones as…

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  • Should CEOs Be Using Social Media?

    It’s clear that social media has become an invaluable asset in our modern day world. However, social media can be detrimental to company and brand images for the same reasons that they have become so widely used. Specifically, the ease of information distribution, low barriers to entry and speed of…

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  • Relationships with Influencers

    How to Create On-going Relationships with Influencers

    The biggest question brands should be brainstorming is how to create on-going relationships with influencers. As a society, we are living in a time where social media has created platforms for brands and audiences to openly communicate with one another and oh boy, what a time it is to be…

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  • Boutique PR Firms

    The Main Differences between Corporate and Boutique PR Firms

    As exciting college careers come to an end, you must consider the next steps in your post-grad plans. When applying to jobs, the possibilities are truly endless. Across various industries, there are small boutique sized firms as well as large corporate firms. Everyone has different personalities and goals; understanding the…

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  • influencer marketing

    Why Influencer Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business

    What is influencer marketing and why is it becoming such a popular option for companies to reach their target audiences? Allow us to break it down for you. Who: All companies, large or small, have been gradually adapting to influencer marketing as social media has become one of the most…

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  • Fake News

    How Can PR Fight Fake News?

    What is fake news? And why is it becoming more and more common nowadays? Fake news consists of deliberate miscommunication or false information about some topic or individual that is meant to be spread most commonly through online sources such as social media. As our world becomes increasingly digital, fake…

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  • Why Your Company Needs PR

    4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs PR

    Picture this: You produce the greatest product of all time, at low cost and high quality. You imagine that your product will be flying off of the shelves and headlined on the cover of the New York Times. Your life is set as this moneymaker will continue to reel in…

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  • Building a Successful Media List

    5 Steps to Building a Successful Media List

    We all know that feeling when you write the perfect pitch hoping to gain great media coverage, but never hear back from the reporters that you reach out to. Before you get too excited and send your pitch to everyone in your contacts, be sure to follow these steps for…

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  • PR events

    5 Types of PR Events Your Brand Needs

    In our increasingly digital world today, your brand’s public image is more important than ever before. Every company or brand should be actively maintaining their public image in order to build a loyal community around their product or service. Here are 5 types of PR events that your brand or…

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